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This floral beaded bookmark is made with Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads, one floral lampwork bead and a sterling silver ballerina shoe charm. The Swarovski crystals in the bookmark are peridot (green), rose (pink) and crystal AB (ridescent crystal clear), and they match the colors in the pink and green floral lampwork bead.The beaded bookmark is nickel-plated and is 4.75 inches long.Such a nice gift for a dancer or ballerina!***Please visit my website at:***Please visit my facebook page at:

This is Shapiro’s first time in a Cole Porter show. “I’ve been doing musical theater for 22 years, so that’s kind of incredible. Normally, he does tap musicals, so that’s why I’ve probably never done one. This is a role where I don’t have to tap-dance, and I get to be in Cole Porter musical. That’s A-OK with me.”. With family friends involved in Orange County children’s theater, Shapiro was attracted to the stage. Her first role came at age 8, in “Barnum.”.

“I had tried soccer, figure skating and ballet, My mom wanted to get me involved in something that would add something to my life growing up, Theater hooked me, “It’s a great way to build social skills and work on your talents, Putting children in beaded lampwork bookmark, beaded dancer bookmark , ballerina bookmark, floral beaded bookmark, glass bead bookmark, ballet shoe theater is really valuable, because whether or not they pursue a career in theater, it builds a lot of important skills for the professional workplace, whether it’s working for a team or public speaking or just learning to be confident with yourself and putting yourself out there.”..

Shapiro took private voice lessons and attended a performing arts high school. She was a caroler on Disneyland’s Main Street. She moved to the Bay Area 8 years ago. “I’ve always felt this area was more my style. I relate more to the Northern California mentality. I never really felt like I belonged in Orange County. I definitely feel like I belong up here. These are my people,” she says, laughing. Understanding the insecure nature of the profession, Shapiro didn’t pursue a career in acting. She’s working in store development for Starbucks. She’s also currently earning a degree in technology entrepreneurship and management.

But she relishes the opportunity to participate in theater, She has worked with many top-notch companies, Broadway By The Bay, for whom she has starred in such productions as “Cabaret” and “Oliver!” holds a special place in her heart, “Broadway By The Bay is really great, They treat everybody with the utmost respect, They run like a professional ship, even though they’re technically not, But they do great work, And I always have a great time beaded lampwork bookmark, beaded dancer bookmark , ballerina bookmark, floral beaded bookmark, glass bead bookmark, ballet shoe there, I like the types of shows that they do, The talent that they bring into these shows is incredible.”..

Shapiro says the company’s latest, “Kiss Me Kate,” is ultimately a love story. “And it’s not just a love between two people, but it’s also a love of what you do. I’d like the audience to take away from the show that nothing is ever perfect and you should never expect it to be, but to always embrace those moments of true passion and true love in your life.”. Love of theater has brought something special to Shapiro’s life. “It’s a great way to meet new people. And the unique thing with theater is that it’s a really incredible way of bringing all different types of humans together, into one room, to watch one story and to feel something that they weren’t feeling when they walked into that room. Each person, whether they’re involved in the show or in the audience, walks away feeling something. And it’s going to be a shared feeling. It might be perceived differently. But it’s a shared connection. And that’s pretty magical.

Behind the glasses and fedoras are Kieron Lafferty as Elwood Blues and Wayne Catania as Jake Blues, The pair having been on the road as the Blues Brothers for about 15 years, “This show really represents Jake and Elwood and their beaded lampwork bookmark, beaded dancer bookmark , ballerina bookmark, floral beaded bookmark, glass bead bookmark, ballet shoe lives and how you would have seen them at the Hollywood Bowl,” said Lafferty, who plays Dan Akroyd’s role of the harmonica-wailing straight man, “Really, the show is like an encyclopedia of American music, but it’s infused with the shtick they were known for, And of course, music and comedy go together.”..

With fancy footwork, a full band behind them and a wealth of musical know-how, the revue is also about showmanship. “We went to a Blues Brothers boot camp, if you will,” Lafferty said. “We sat down with Judy and got great advice from her and Dan. We got those little nuances. Lots of people put on hats and glasses and dance around, but getting that background has been essential.”. And both performers had to have strong musical backgrounds to get the gig. Catania has four decades of experience as a musician, actor and writer–and an uncanny resemblance to John Belushi.

Lafferty said he first picked up the harp at about age 12 and had to practice in the garage of his home in Canada until he could put the notes together, Once he got it, he got it, and he ended up touring the Toronto blues and rock circuit, where he gained standing for his soulful beaded lampwork bookmark, beaded dancer bookmark , ballerina bookmark, floral beaded bookmark, glass bead bookmark, ballet shoe vocals and bluesy harmonica lines, His years on the road as a harp man helped him identify with Elwood’s character, he said, and of course, he was a big “Saturday Night Live” fan, “The stories are things that happen on the road,” he said of the antics the Blues Brothers get themselves into, “I haven’t been behind the chicken wire, but I’ve been in places that certainly needed it.”..

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