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The Weeknd is certainly in the hunt, having further established himself as the hottest act in R&B with all the hits off his second studio set. Then there’s Lamar’s bold, beautiful “Butterfly,” which should be a shoe-in to win. But, then again, so should’ve been The Fugees’ “The Score” in 1997, Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP” in 2001 and Kanye West’s “Late Registration” in 2006, etc. Grammy voters just have an abominable track record when it comes to honoring hip-hop with its biggest award.

Will that change in 2016?, Prediction: “To Pimp a Butterfly”, The breakdown: This is a category that, for the most part, honors smash hits, So that means we can take “Really Love” — which only reached as high as No, 43 on the R&B charts — out of the mix, The other four numbers definitely qualify as smashes, having been in constant rotation on pop radio for much of the personalized dance backpack ballet shoe tutu backpack embroidered hearts year, and each has a reasonable shot at winning, It all depends of what flavor voters were in the mood for when they cast their ballots..

“Thinking Out Loud” is pure soft-rock solid gold, a love ballad so sugary sweet it will make your teeth hurt. “Can’t Feel My Face” is a groovy R&B dance number that definitely underscores all those Michael Jackson comparisons. “Blank Space” is another pop triumph, although not quite as good as Swift’s “Shake It Off,” which was nominated — but lost — in this category last year. Then there’s the song that we all should be so tired of hearing by now — but, apparently, most of us aren’t. Talk about an all-time earworm.

Prediction: “Uptown Funk”, The breakdown: It’s astonishing to consider that a rap tune has never been named song of the year, Wow, What have Grammy voters been listening to over the last 30 years?, It would be nice to see that sad streak come to an end in 2016, but it’s hard to pick “Alright” as the one to do it, After all, it’s not even the best tune on “To Pimp a Butterfly.”, “See You Again” probably stands a slightly better chance, especially when you factor in that the song is a tribute personalized dance backpack ballet shoe tutu backpack embroidered hearts to the late actor Paul Walker — and Hollywood loves to honor its own..

Country music has a somewhat better track record than hip-hop in this category, but “Girl Crush” still presumably faces an uphill climb. In its favor, however, is that it’s actually the best song in the mix. That leaves “Blank Space” and “Thinking Out Loud,” blockbuster offerings from two of the most highly acclaimed and accomplished young songwriters in the business. Neither Swift nor Sheeran has won a song of the year trophy yet. That should change this year. But for which one? It’s basically a coin flip.

Whenever in doubt, however, it’s best to just pick the starry-eyed love song, Prediction: “Thinking Out Loud”, The breakdown: Some naysayers initially assumed Trainor would be a one-hit wonder, after bursting out of nowhere and straight up the charts with the delightfully cheeky, retro single “All About That Bass.”, Yet, she’s definitely proven them — actually, all of us — wrong, while turning out a personalized dance backpack ballet shoe tutu backpack embroidered hearts steady supply of platinum-certified smashes, both on her own and in collaboration with other artists..

She now stands as the clear favorite to take home the best new artist trophy. Of course, Hunt will draw the country vote. And people are justifiably expecting big things from Bay and Kelly. Still, it’s hard to picture an upset here, unless, maybe, Grammy voters try to impress the hipsters and vote for indie-rock favorite Barnett. Prediction: Meghan Trainor. Best Alternative Music Album: Alabama Shakes’ “Sound and Color” is the favorite, despite being the least “alternative” of the bunch. But we hope that Bjork pulls the upset with “Vulnicura.”.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: Expect more “Uptown Funk”, Best Rap Album: Some good offerings here, especially J, Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive”, but it will be shocking if it turns out to be anything but “To Pimp a Butterfly.”, Best Dance Recording: Look for Lamar to pick up yet another Grammy for his work on Flying Lotus’ “Never Catch Me.”, Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: Bob Dylan’s “Shadows in the Night” should prevail over offerings personalized dance backpack ballet shoe tutu backpack embroidered hearts from Tony Bennett, Barry Manilow, Josh Groban and Seth MacFarlane, And, yes, that was really weird to write that last sentence..

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