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This set includes ONE pair of doll's crochet shoes (ballet flats). These crocheted doll shoes fit 18" AG dolls.Hand crocheted of soft acrylic yarn, the sole is made of felt fabric. Shoes are available in 14 colors, please choose color (Please keep in mind that colors may vary in different types of lighting and with different monitor settings!).NOTE: Hand wash in cold water, lay flat, leave to air dry on a towel. Handmade with love in a smoke-free, pet-free home.(The doll and her dress shown in the last photo are NOT included in the purchase of this item).

Carol Hovey directs the extensive cast of adults and bevy of darling children. DC Scarpelli captures the power of the king with a nice touch of vulnerability while Rachel Powers’ soaring soprano makes for a fine Anna, even though — possibility due to microphone problems — it was difficult to hear her at times. The strong cast included many standouts, especially Brian Palac as Lun Tha and Anita Colotto as Lady Thiang. Choreographers Megan McGrath and Katherine Stein put the performers through their paces as they created the flowing movement required, not to mention the charming “The Small House of Uncle Thomas” ballet.

While the language can seem a bit stilted at times, and though faster pacing would be of benefit, these are but small quibbles with a fine production of this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, The show runs through Sunday, Aug, 2, with shows Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m, and 18 inch doll crochet shoes, shoes for 18" dolls, hand crocheted ag doll's ballet flats, slippers for doll, doll's f Sunday at 2 p.m, Call 925-373-6800 or go to www.livermoreperformingarts.org, Running Sundays at 6 p.m, through Aug, 9, Brian Copeland’s “The Waiting Period” chronicles his own battle with depression and suicidal tendencies, The title refers to the 10-day waiting period to buy a gun, Copeland begins the show with him filling out the background information at the gun shop and then follows him through the next 10 days as he waits to pick up his weapon..

He shows his dexterity and gift for voices as he portrays the many characters — a perky teenager who hides her dark thoughts, his concerned daughter and a wise priest, to name just a few — that populate Copeland’s world. The multitalented performer blends liberal doses of humor into his one-man show that runs for 75 minutes with no intermission. He easily toggles between poignant moments and lighter fare to ease the tension, making for a powerful and educational evening. “As a public personality, I hoped that writing a play about my own struggle with depression might raise awareness of the disease, and people who suffer from it might get some support while others might come away with more of an understanding,” said the playwright.

As the centerpiece of “Versailles and the Parisian Baroque,” Thomas will conduct the opera “Semele” by French composer Marin Marais, Wait — isn’t 18 inch doll crochet shoes, shoes for 18" dolls, hand crocheted ag doll's ballet flats, slippers for doll, doll's f “Semele” an opera by Handel?, It is, Thomas says, But decades before Handel adapted the mythical story of a mortal woman loved by Jupiter, Marais got to it first, The French composer’s “Semele” had its first performance at the Paris Opera in 1709, In a recent interview, Thomas said it languished for nearly 300 years thereafter..

“It wasn’t a terribly successful premiere,” explains the conductor. “It was a bad time in France — it was the time of ‘The Great Frost,’ and there had been famine, food shortages, lots of angst going on. So the premiere sort of came and went. After that, it was lost for a long time.”. Music scholars eventually revived the score, and it was performed by the early music group Le Concert Spirituel in France in 2006. “Now we have it,” Thomas says, “and I believe that this will be the first time it’s been performed outside of France.”.

Marais — whose music was first heard by many Americans in the score of the 1991 film “Tous les Matins du Monde” — followed the “Semele” plot in much the same fashion as Handel, But his “Semele” offers marked contrast to Handel’s, “It has a wonderful flow to it, and 18 inch doll crochet shoes, shoes for 18" dolls, hand crocheted ag doll's ballet flats, slippers for doll, doll's f the choruses are phenomenal, very lively, with extremely animated orchestral parts,” Thomas says, “There are these great dance sequences — at the French court, the ballet was the thing, but in our world, that dance music is just so nice to listen to, They’re colorful, with furies and zephyrs and many kinds of personages that Marais is describing.”..

This isn’t the first time Thomas has conducted a premiere at American Bach’s summer festival — the group gave the first U.S. performances of Biber’s Mass two years ago. Even so, “it’s extraordinary to have a chance to do this work,” he says. Marais is just one of several French composers featured on the lineup. The opening night program includes music from Rameau’s “Nais,” Aubert’s “Concert de Symphonie” and Rebel’s “Les elemens.” Rebel’s score offers musical depictions of the elements — earth, air, fire and water — and Thomas says it’s thrilling.

“It begins with this jaw-dropping chord representing chaos,” he says, “Nowadays, we’d call it 18 inch doll crochet shoes, shoes for 18" dolls, hand crocheted ag doll's ballet flats, slippers for doll, doll's f the Big Bang, I’m tempted to start it with the lights out.”, For Thomas, this year’s festival marks a rare foray into the French Baroque, “It’s something that I don’t often conduct,” he says, “My work has been primarily with Bach and Handel, But I’m fascinated by this music, In France during that era, the style of composition was still very specific and exclusively French, In other places throughout Europe, there was a lot of sharing of information — what the Italians were doing, what the Germans were doing — a great transmission of information, In France, mostly because of the tastes of Louis XIV and Louis XV, the styles remained very consistent..

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