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An Aquatic Evening Affair. Join fellow nature lovers on a Valentine’s Day walk to remember and learn about amphibian amplexus, spermatophores and nupital pads. For ages 21 and up. 5 to 7 p.m. Feb. 14. Meet at Tilden Golf Course, 10 Golf Course Drive, Berkeley. Free. 510-544-2233, SAT Bootcamp. Just in time for the March 5 SAT test, two free prep sessions for the SAT in partnership between Study Smart Tutors and Berkeley Public Library. Materials provided. Priority to juniors. Space limited. 4 to 5:30 p.m. Feb. 17 and 24. Central Branch, Berkeley Public Library, 2090 Kittredge St. Free. 510-981-6223,

“Selma” Screening, Free a screening of “Selma,” the powerful, Oscar-nominated 2014 film about Martin Luther King’s attempted march across the South to end prejudicial practices, and the confrontation that led to the signing of the Voting Rights Act, 5:30 to 8 p.m, Feb, 18, North Branch, Berkeley Public Library, 1170 The Alameda, Free, 510-981-6250,, Author Carter Scholz, Carter Scholz, author black women shoes black flat shoes leather flats black patent ballerinas black ballet shoes casual shoes black shoes women balle of “Gypsy,” stops by for a conversation with Kim Stanley Robinson and Terry Bisson, 7 p.m, Feb, 18, Books Inc., 1491 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Free, 510-525-7777,

Streaming TV has gotten popular as several online services such as Netflix make past seasons of TV shows available for binge-watching, while Hulu offers episodes from the current season. Now, some television companies are balking at giving them timely access to shows. The big worry: Making streaming TV too pleasant might encourage viewers to cut back or drop their cable service. Cable and satellite companies now pay TV networks billions of dollars a year to carry their channels. In turn, TV production companies make a lot from licensing fees paid by the networks. Cord-cutting could jeopardize all of those arrangements, and the audience and ad revenue boost from the Internet might not be enough to make up for any losses.

Time Warner, which has both networks and a production business, has been exploring black women shoes black flat shoes leather flats black patent ballerinas black ballet shoes casual shoes black shoes women balle the possibility of holding back some of its DC Comics superhero shows such as “The Flash” and “Supergirl.” If it took that step, viewers might have to wait years to watch the most recent episodes online; now, they’re typically available no more than a year after airing, Hulu may be next, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Time Warner is in talks to invest in Hulu and has told Hulu’s owners that it wants to curtail current-season TV episodes, which Hulu now makes available as early as the next day..

It’s not yet clear what such restrictions might look like. Time Warner and Hulu didn’t respond to requests for comment, though Time Warner may reveal more of its digital strategy when it reports quarterly earnings Wednesday. The tremors emanating from Time Warner are just the latest instance of established media companies looking to protect their established partners and deals, whether viewers like it or not. Hulu already has pulled back in recent years. When it launched nearly a decade ago, the service offered most shows from its network parents the morning after they aired. These days, many Fox and ABC shows require a Hulu or cable subscription for next-day viewing. Otherwise, viewers have to wait eight days — or a month in the case of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” And for Fox, Hulu now has just the past four episodes — not five — for free.

All online services, meanwhile, have been dabbling in creating their own television shows, Netflix won accolades for such original shows as “House of Cards,” while Hulu commissioned a fourth season of “The Mindy Project” when Fox canceled it, Original shows help services set themselves apart from each other and could ease the impact of any pullback in traditional TV shows, But for now, these services are mostly about giving viewers a chance to catch up on what’s been shown on traditional TV — and giving viewers less of a black women shoes black flat shoes leather flats black patent ballerinas black ballet shoes casual shoes black shoes women balle reason to tune in..

“To a certain degree, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle,” said Anthony DiClemente, an analyst at Nomura Securities. “Once people are accustomed to it, that’s going to be the expectation.”. Some holdbacks of shows online happen because online ads bring in less revenue than TV ads, but new measuring techniques and innovation could change that trade-off. 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch told investors Monday that while Fox was “interested in having fewer holdbacks,” as a supplier of content it needs “more flexibility with respect to how advertising innovation works and what we can do.”.

Traditional cable and satellite TV services have been in slow decline for years, in part because younger audiences aren’t signing up and are turning to online options instead, The decline isn’t big enough to threaten cable and television companies immediately, but they are taking notice, And the numbers hide the fact that many subscribers are black women shoes black flat shoes leather flats black patent ballerinas black ballet shoes casual shoes black shoes women balle opting for cheaper packages with fewer channels, “What we’re seeing is a constant game of tug-o-war,” said John Buffone, an analyst at the NPD Group..

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