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Ballerina Necklace: Created with a sterling silver ballet shoe charm and a 6mm channel-set Swarovski crystal in ANY of the 12 colors -OR- a 5mm round white freshwater pearl. The charms hang from a sterling silver chain. The gorgeous ballet shoe charm is so realistic! It is double sided (3D) and is 1/2" long.This necklace will be placed on a cute ballerina themed necklace card and then tucked inside a lovely gift bag. Perfect for gift giving. .....................................................O T H E R . O P T I O N S ~Add personalization and any color crystal: I Z I N G . G U I D E 1-7 Years: 14"8+: 16"Adults: 16" or 18"Please supervise young children while they are wearing jewelry. This charm could pose a choking hazard for children that still put things in their mouths.

She was joined in the winning circle by two deceased gospel stars, Barbara Jean Davis and Ronald Lawson, and a pair of internationally acclaimed artists: James Barbagallo, a classical pianist who finished third in the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in Moscow in 1982 after winning the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition in 1980, and comedian Johnny Steele, winner of the 1992 San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Also inducted were the acclaimed jazz singer Faye Carol; popular Pittsburg singer Nicky DePaola; Jesse Torres, lead singer of the JD & Company show band; Lou DiMaggio, one of the top accordion players from the big band era; and California Theatre organist Tony Enea.

Also honored were jazz man and mentor Raymond Glasper; big band singer Bob Grabeau; longtime musician John Guerrero; versatile musician Delfo Lanzafame; singer-poet and supporter of the arts Guillermo Muniz; Felix Urbina, founder of Pittsburg’s first Latin big band; drummer Leo Vigil and bluesman/inventor Sam Wesley Sr, The Pittsburg Community Jazz Band, Terry Blinks and the Pittsburg Community Choir, Pittsburg ballet necklace - ballerina necklace - first dance recital - dancer necklace - ballet shoe necklace - silver ballerina necklace Community Theater, Olin de Contra Costa folkic dance company and the PEAHOF All-Star Band provided entertainment during the event..

The Board, as a whole, will decide on the tactical selection process particulars. Speaking, then, only for myself, kindly allow for some ruminations on a trustee’s ideal constitution. I’ve been asked how much an educational background benefits a board trustee. Truth be, it sometimes helps, often hurts. One can know too much, which can lead to micromanaging. By contrast, an enlightened trustee hires the best superintendent possible, sets a clear vision with accountable benchmarks, and then gets out of the way.

The best trustees simply have strong communication and bridge-building skills, and a seasoned touch, They can seamlessly switch from publicly praising to, when needed, privately and diplomatically prodding, Being ballet necklace - ballerina necklace - first dance recital - dancer necklace - ballet shoe necklace - silver ballerina necklace transparent, accountable and hardworking can’t be understated, as well, For my two cents, trustees also need good-old fashioned common sense, with an appreciation of tough love, Yes, we need adopt creative, positive behavioral interventions, but we can’t abandon fair but strict, no-nonsense, behavioral standards if our schools and society are not going to go to hell in a hand basket..

If we don’t curb systemic behavioral outbursts, and all the attendant distraction, we will continually spin our wheel on attaining academic improvement. School board is the retail world of politics and governance; it’s up-close and personal. As such, it’s not for the thin-skinned or faint of heart. It calls for unending give and take with the sometimes clashing interests of students, parents, teachers, superintendent, administrators, community leaders and colleagues. As you can guess, though nobody has to go along, in this hurly-burly arena it helps to get along. Pure ideology simply counts for naught if nothing tangible gets done in the crucible of compromise and pursuit of the Golden Mean.

Superintendents, administrators, ballet necklace - ballerina necklace - first dance recital - dancer necklace - ballet shoe necklace - silver ballerina necklace union leaders and fellow trustees come and go with elections, retirements and moves, By freely adapting to each new configuration you can maximize complimentary strengths and leverage mutual goals, We quickly learn that there are no permanent alliances, just permanent interests, It’s inevitable that we fall to the short end of some 3-2 or 4-1 votes, but we endure, Cycles come and go and even a dissenting voice has some resounding long-term value, Fact is, not everyone will be on our preferred dance card, philosophically or temperamentally..

We must, though, tango with the partners we have. I, for one, wish we could hearken back to a more civil political climate typified by Democrat Majority Whip Hubert Humphrey and Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen retiring from a day’s vigorous debates to congenially tipping a few cold beers together. Contrast this to the bitter enmity and hardened partisan divisiveness choking the corridors of power today. Of late, the word loyalty surfaced. I welcome the discussion because loyalty is one of the enduring themes of man’s perennial philosophy.

Borne aloft on classical Indian music traditions known to centuries of maharajahs, fueled by the propulsive energy of acrobats, fire-breathing artists and daredevil dancing, Bharti has added a contemporary touch: Bollywood tunes and a mashup of Western and Indian instruments including bass drums, side drums, trombone, tabla, ballet necklace - ballerina necklace - first dance recital - dancer necklace - ballet shoe necklace - silver ballerina necklace dholak, harmonium, clarinet and more, The 17-member troupe, with four female dancers and a main acrobat, will bring the past, present and future wonders of the “Spirit of India” to the Bankhead Theater on Tuesday..

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