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“We can see how much of a difference there’s been in the downtown. There was nothing happening in the downtown,” she said, adding that art, music, poetry, cafes and other activities followed in the wake of the festival. “We took a chance on downtown and it paid off,” Roberts said. The festival will run again Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. downtown, including in the front of City Hall where the Oakland! Let’s Dance, a celebration of the Bay Area’s many dance styles, will unfold.

Dancing filled that area Saturday as dozens of youth shook it up and grooved, performing complex Hip Hop dance moves during the Turf & All Styles Dance Battle produced by Yak to The Bay, The afternoon-long contest would result in one final winner, but every dancer was ballet shoe key fob a crowd favorite, winning the joy and admiration of many who came to watch, Oakland’s Demetrius Fennoy, 22, also known as Magic, beamed after his performance, He combined his moves with fluid juggling of red hats, did complex gymnastics and even turned himself into a human pretzel, He’s been dancing since sixth grade and said he loves being part of the festival..

“This is an amazing experience. You got a lot of people from so many different countries and cultures here,” he said. Children also performed, including brothers Theo Weinmann, 8, and Zion Noble, 10. Yak to the Bay, an Oakland-born production company, staged the high-energy competition featuring eight invited dancers and eight other dancers who signed up Saturday to compete. Founder Yoram Savion said it’s all done in the spirit of friendship, positivity and empowerment. Empowerment was also the goal of those on hand in the Attitudinal Healing Connection Inc. booth, which focused on ArtEsteem, an art and literary program in the Oakland Unified School District.

Through the group’s Oakland Mural Project, youth create images of superheroes and then help create murals for public spaces, Erica Wheeler-Dubin of the organization said, “I love the diversity of people out here, It’s always a pleasure to see everyone out here,” she said, Ric Gilbert and his pit crew were ballet shoe key fob on scene well before the festival began cooking barbecued ribs, The tasty ribs took away the grand prize last year in the crowd favorite, the Oaktown Throwdown BBQ Competition..

With fragrant aromas from competing teams filling the street, Gilbert of Ric’s Righteous Ribs said he appreciates the Art + Soul Oakland Festival for its unique setting and fun atmosphere. “This is the downtown of a major metropolitan city and that is really cool. Usually we’re in grass fields but this is right in the heart of Oakland,” he said. The festival costs $12 for adults, $7 for seniors and teens age 13 to 17, and free for kids under 12. For more information, including the festival line-up and travel advice, go to

Losing this San Jose institution is hitting a lot of people hard, and not just because they will miss the veal saltimbocca, the flourless chocolate cake or whatever their favorite menu item is, Elizabeth Monley, ballet shoe key fob a real estate broker and History San Jose board member, summed it up well, “Paolo’s has been a prom date, graduation date, date-date, special birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day place for me,” she said, adding, It’s “like hearing a piece of my story is just disappearing, I’m sure I’m not alone in that.”..

She’s certainly not. That’s because Jalil Samavarchian and Carolyn Allen, like her father Jack Allen before them, have been great friends of the community. Paolo’s was the go-to restaurant for many patrons of Broadway San Jose, Ballet San Jose and other companies that performed at the adjacent Center for the Performing Arts. Boards held dinners there, performing arts groups celebrated at the place, and it was where people gathered after a few prominent funerals over the years. That’s a big hole to fill downtown, and any restaurant that moves into Paolo’s spot will have an uphill climb to win over the following that the Allen family tended to for nearly six decades.

Now that word is out that the restaurant’s lease is up and its doors are closing after dinner Saturday, I expect that Paolo’s will be more busy this week than it’s been for years, but that’s part of the problem: Loads of people have fond memories of Paolo’s, but how many remember the last time they went there for dinner?, ballet shoe key fob It’s a shame that Paolo’s is closing, but it’s a bigger shame that those of us who loved it didn’t frequent it more regularly, I doubt a restaurant that was packed most nights would have been sent packing, especially after nearly a quarter-century in the same building, It’s a good reminder that we need to do more than revere our culinary institutions when they’re gone; we need to patronize them while they’re still around..

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