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Customize your phone with this elegant SaharaCase SE/5s/5 clear protective kit. Designed to enhance your rose gold phone, this cover provides a transparent layer of protection without hiding your device’s chic design. The corner cushions and raised edges incorporated into this SaharaCase SE/5s/5 clear protective kit help stop impact damage, scuffs and scrapes.

Can't get enough of curved phones? Neither can Samsung. With its 5.7-inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ supersizes the 5.1-inch S6 Edge. Wraparound sides are what make this phone distinctive. Bye-bye, plastic! The Edge+ features a metal-and-glass build. This ultra-high-resolution screen wraps around both sides, giving the phone a premium look and feel. One of the Edge+'s main features is the side menu you swipe open when you want to use it. You'll be able to get an apps shortcut, and a sort of speed dial for five of your favorite contacts.

There are two side screens. One is a sort clear case with glass screen protector for apple iphone 5/5s and se - rose gold of speed dial for five of your favorite contacts, The other displays shortcuts to your top apps, The Edge+, left, is larger and squarer than the smaller Edge, Southpaws can also shift the edge display to the left, The metal frame wraps around the sides and edges, The Edge+ will sell in white, black, gold and silver, However, you won't be able to get every color in every country, Pop the menu bar on the left or right in the edge-display settings, Pop the menu bar on the left or right in the edge-display settings..

The camera slightly pokes out from the back. The glass backing looks terrific, until it accumulates with oily fingerprints. One of the phone's most underrated features is this night clock, which glows softly enough to keep you slumbering. The phone looks unique from all angles. A standard Micro-USB charging port and headset jack live on the phone's bottom edge. High-end hardware helps make the Edge+ a compelling large-screen phone. Read all about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and its straight-edged, stylus-gifted sibling, theSamsung Galaxy Note 5.

Editors' note (March 28, 2017): Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the follow ups to 2016's excellent Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Priced at $750 (£689 and AU$1,199), the Galaxy S8 features a beautifully curved 5.8-inch screen with an ultra-narrow bezel; facial recognition as an alternative way to unlock the phone; and Samsung's nascent Bixby voice assistant, The S8 Plus costs a bit more -- $850, £779 or AU$1349 -- and comes clear case with glass screen protector for apple iphone 5/5s and se - rose gold equipped with a larger body and battery, but is otherwise identical..

Samsung has instituted an eight-point battery test on its new phones in an effort to reassure customers that it has addressed the issues that plagued its exploding Note 7 last year. To see how the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge stack up against their predecessors, check out CNET's side-by-side comparison. The original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ review, published in August 2015 and updated since then, follows. The 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Edge+ isn't just a larger version of the 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 Edge, but it's close. It has basically the same hardware guts as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 including a strong 16-megapixel camera, 4GB of RAM and an octa-core processor of Samsung's own design (that means it has eight computing chips for completing tasks). Like its brethren, the Note 5, S6 and S6 Edge, the Edge+ has a snazzy metal-and-glass design and omits the popular removable battery and microSD card slot found on its predecessor. The Edge+ also lacks the Note 5's signature stylus, leaving potential buyers a choice between inviting curves or scribble-friendly practicality.

With the introduction of the current generation of Galaxy phones in March 2016, Samsung fans need to take a close look at the new lineup, A CNET Editor's Choice, the Galaxy S7 delivers the goods in spades with a polished design, awesome camera, long battery life, microSD slot, and clear case with glass screen protector for apple iphone 5/5s and se - rose gold water resistance, And the supersized Galaxy S7 Edge, an Editor's Choice in its own right, comes equipped with an even bigger battery and screen, a curved screen with "edge" software navigation, and a sky high price tag..

That noted, the Edge+ remains a cool-looking phone that belongs in the canon of prior-generation smartphones. Buyers craving a phone with waterfall sides and a large, bright screen who can find the S6 Edge+ at a discount should consider it. Everyone else should move on and choose between the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Editors' note: What follows is the original review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. The phone comes in gold, silver, black and white, though different regions may carry different colors. Prices vary by retailer and country, but the Edge+ costs more than the Note 5 overall.

Samsung's newest toy is available on networks including EE, Three and O2 for £580.00 (32GB) and £650.00 (64GB), If you're familiar with the Galaxy S6 clear case with glass screen protector for apple iphone 5/5s and se - rose gold Edge's curved screen and thin edges, you already know this supersized Edge+'s shapely silhouette, The glass (and display technology underneath) wraps around the left and right edges and meet along the back of the spines, What's more important than the interesting shape is the fact that the curved sides look beautiful, and seems to make this feel like an entirely different, far more sophisticated, phone than a straight-sided one, The screen seems more immersive than the Note 5's, the curvature pulling you into the action of what's on the display, Maybe it's still some of the novelty, maybe there's a deeper psychology at play, Strangely, the effect is more pronounced on the smaller Edge+, possibly because this phone is personally a little large for my hand..

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