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**** GENERAL PRICES STARTS AT $90.***** Pricing depends on if I&#39;m providing shoe or if you&#39;re providing shoe, shoes style, shoe size, and color(s) of crystal desired!! *******~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LISTING AS IT&#39;S FOR ADVERTISING ONLY. PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO SET UP A CUSTOM LISTING FOR YOUR CUSTOM DESIGNED SHOE. GUARANTEE TO BE THE MOST COMPETITIVE IN PRICING!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I can design these shoes from toddler to adults sizes and any color combination you desire. Pricing depends on size of shoes and color of crystals desired as well as any design wanted. Please contact me for a custom listing made for your special shoe and price inquires. Pricing starts at $90.00 for these, depending on shoe size or if you&#39;re sending me the shoe to design. All custom orders are price quoted the most competitively among others. Send me a message and we can chat about what you&#39;re looking for! :)My turn around time is 2-3 weeks but I can have your shoes ready and rushed to you if needed!! Please convo me for turn around time and your needs. Price includes high quality rhinestones, not Swarovski crystals. This is in an attempt to make the shoes more affordable for you. If you would prefer Swarovski crystals, please contact me as this will add an increased cost; Swarovski is more expensive! We are equipped with offering Swarovski crystals on your entire shoe if you&#39;d like. (or scattered throughout)Please check out my Etsy Store for other and coordinating items! New items being added weekly! "LIKE" my Facebook page for more items, updates and discounts! There you&#39;ll see more pictures of my work including wine glasses, champagne glasses and contact me with any questions or issues before leaving your review, I will do my best to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase. Please help us grow on Etsy. Your positive feedback is much appreciated!! :)From a clean, pet and smoke free studio. Colors may vary slightly depending on various computers resolution settings and displays. Small parts may cause choking hazard - please always supervise baby. <3Thank you for looking at my designs and as always have a FABULOUS day!! :)**ALL SALES IN THIS SHOP ARE FINAL**Please insure feet measurements to limit any possibility for incorrect sizing! All custom sales in this shop are final and there are no returns

Lightsabers in hand, fans are meeting every other Saturday for Magic City Jedi, a new yoga-meets-martial-arts class in Doral, Florida. The 90-minute classes at the I Am Equilibrium yoga studio were created by longtime friends (and “Star Wars” fans) Alfred Smith and Santiago Martinez. “We knew there was going to be interest because there are ‘Star Wars’ fans everywhere,” says Martinez, 38, a manager of information technology at a Miami bank. “As old as the movies are, there are certain ideas and ways of behaving that can translate to real life.

“What kid doesn’t want to be Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? What kid doesn’t want to swing a stick like a laser? This is something that allows me to forget what is going on in my life and go into the class and live out a fantasy.”, Smith says he studied the choreography of lightsaber groups in San custom navy swarovski crystal rhinestone ballet flat shoes - wedding shoes - wedding flats shoes - wedding party shoes - bridal Francisco and New York City, then began developing his own curriculum with Santiago, The December release of Episode VII — “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” — “put fuel to the fire,” says Smith, 40, a yoga instructor and a director of marketing and e-commerce for an airline in Fort Lauderdale, “I am really into martial arts and combat choreography, and this combines both, I’m a big ‘Star Wars’ fan.”..

At a Saturday class, 17 barefoot men, women and children line up in rows in front of Smith and Martinez, some with their own fancy toy lightsabers (ones that light up and make laserlike sounds). Others use the class sabers, made from PVC pipes wrapped in colorful pool noodles. “Star Wars”-themed shirts are everywhere. A teen girl wears one that reads, “Physically, I’m here. Mentally I’m in a galaxy far, far away.”. Before they get to Yoda’s moves, however, the students do some meditation and yoga. “This is balance, this is presence, attention,” Smith tells them as they perform the tree pose. “Throughout the movements and throughout the practice you are engaged.”.

The instructors then review basic lightsaber defensive and offensive techniques, With their dominant foot forward, students point their sabers down to one side, to the other side, then up to the midsection and eventually to the head, “Imagine you are drawing an ‘S,’ ” Smith says, watching as the students practice in pairs, Like the space knights on the big screen, they swing their lightsabers in a choreographed dance, Each lesson is tied to a Jedi theme, “A Jedi is always aware of everything, not just what they are focusing on but also their surroundings,” custom navy swarovski crystal rhinestone ballet flat shoes - wedding shoes - wedding flats shoes - wedding party shoes - bridal Smith says..

Although the instructors are serious, some of the wannabe Jedis giggle as they lift their sabers. One student wears a camera on his headband to capture every step. The students learn a move called the “flourish,” where the combatant scurries forward or backward while twirling the lightsaber like a baton, as well as the “bash,” a fast forward attack that ends with a recoil. “If you think of a snake, it’s a quick strike,” explains Santiago, as he demonstrates the move.

A final meditation wraps up the class, Everyone finishes with a smile and a sheen of sweat, There are some sore wrists custom navy swarovski crystal rhinestone ballet flat shoes - wedding shoes - wedding flats shoes - wedding party shoes - bridal and triceps from working with the sabers but most agree it was fun, “You really feel like a Jedi,” says Valerie Villar, 26, who’s taking part with boyfriend Gerry Brenes, 29, “You have the sound going whenever you move it, so the whole experience (is) brought to life.” Brenes says, “It’s a great opportunity to continue to live out that fantasy.”..

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Take a breather from the grind and spend time with loved ones. Intimacy issues can make you feel as though you are riding on a seesaw. Use your imagination. Learn when to bluff and when to show your hand. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Things will work out of you are patient about handling a temporary misunderstanding. Relationships could be confusing. It won’t be easy to pin down elusive people who join your social circle this weekend. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You are your best with technological subjects or wherever objective analysis is required. But tread softly around emotional, sensitive types of people who are gullible and may shrink away from detailed scrutiny.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): custom navy swarovski crystal rhinestone ballet flat shoes - wedding shoes - wedding flats shoes - wedding party shoes - bridal A little stress and agitation could put you at a disadvantage, People are somewhat protective of their own ideas and change could appear threatening, Keep your money tucked away in your pocket and lay low, LEO (July 23-Aug, 22): Be glad you are who you are, There is no need to put a romantic spin on your troubles or create an illusion of being someone or something that doesn’t exist, If you are kind to others they will be kind to you, VIRGO (Aug, 23-Sept, 22): Find a safe haven that is as close to heaven as you make it, Pleasant surroundings will raise your spirits and soothe the soul, Try aromatherapy products or beautiful music to promote a relaxing atmosphere at home..

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