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The Survivor Clear wallet case by Griffin houses your iPhone XS within a slim-fitting see-through back case and encloses it with a sophisticated black folio cover. It also features 3 slots for your debit and credit cards, cash, ID and more.Protects your iPhone XSfrom scratchesand impact damage, TheiPhone XS Griffin Survivor Clear WalletCase provides excellent protection to the back and sides of your phone from accidental bumps, drops and scrapes.The tough polycarbonateprotectsyouriPhone XS from impact damage andprovides excellent shock absorbency to the vulnerable edges and corners of the device, whilst theflip cover's stylish design adds a touch of colour and sophistication to your device, making it stand out from the crowd. The case also features a highly scratch-resistant surface, meaning it will reflect most of the everyday's scratches maintaining your phone's and case's excellent looks. Clear back design highlights the details of theiPhone XS, Designed to complement the unique and superior product styling of theiPhone XS, the Griffin Survivor Wallet case's back is partially transparent,which allows you to see the key finishing details such as theApple branding and the rear design. It is also covered in a special anti-yellowing finish, making sure it stays clear as long as possible!US Military certified (810G), This case has been designed according to standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense (Mil-Std 810-G) for drop protection. The standard defines testing that is designed to measure the ability to protect against a drop.The Survivor Clear Wallet case has been independently tested to withstand the repeated drops of a phone wearing a Survivor Clear Wallet case onto a floor from a height of 1.2 metres.Interior slip pockets, On the inner side of the folio flip cover, you will find3interior pockets, perfectfor storing anything from cards,note paper, cash and eventrain tickets /receipts. This really is the ideal way tominimising the amount of things you need to carry round with you on a day to day basis.Cut-outs for the various ports and features of your iPhone XS, This Griffin case has all of the appropriate cut-outs for the ports and features of youriPhone XSsuch as the camera with flash and volume controls or a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. It is also fully compatible withwireless charging, meaning you will not have to remove the case to be able to charge your device wirelessly.Designed specifically for the iPhone XS, As the Griffin Survivor Clear Wallet case has been designed specifically for the iPhone XS, you can be assured that it will fit your device like a glove.

"They came up against Pandora with a water pistol," said Crupnick of MusicWatch. Crupnick's annual music study found iTunes Radio accounts for just 5 percent of the listening hours among the major streaming services, which includes Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and YouTube. He found that only about 10 percent of the US population on the Internet use iTunes Radio, compared with 16 percent for Spotify -- a much smaller company -- and 35 percent for Pandora. The challenge in streaming music is less about the company and more about who will change consumer beliefs about paying for music subscriptions, Crupnick said. "What is it that Apple can say to the market that is different than what Spotify has said, or Rdio or Tidal or Rhapsody?"Being late to the game has never hurt the company in the past. It wasn't the first to make a digital music player, smartphone or tablet, but the iPod, iPhone and iPad dominated their competitors. Analysts believe Apple Watch can make inroads in the wearable market where other pioneers flopped.

And Apple, Crupnick noted, has been superb at teaching consumers the benefits of a new technology, be it the iPod paired with iTunes, the iPhone or the iPad, Streaming music subscriptions haven't griffin survivor clear iphone xs wallet case - black / clear yet experienced that "iPhone moment, where consumers go 'That's really cool and worth paying for,'" he said, But for Apple, that's a familiar tune, Apple plans to relaunch Beats Music on Monday after putting the streaming service in a holding pattern for a year, Here's how it can make up for lost time, Twelve years ago, with the launch of the iTunes music store, Apple changed how we purchase and listen to music, Now it hopes to shake things up again -- despite playing catchup this time around..

I feared this was the end. Then came the NBA Finals (what glory that was for my Warriors) and the appearance of two new ads for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. No pussyfooting was there about how lovely this phone was. No, these new ads claim that the iPhone 6 has no edge at all. In one ad, Samsung lauds the display on the phone's edge. It mocks the fact that the iPhone 6's edge displays nothing but a depressing baldness. Well, save for some buttons. While the Samsung's edge shows colors when your closest friends call. ("It's green! It must be Draymond!" Forgive me. Delirium.).

It even displays the date, Yes, today's date, How clever, A second ad muses that the S6 Edge comes with built-in wireless charging capability, While the iPhone 6 comes with a gaping, charging void, And griffin survivor clear iphone xs wallet case - black / clear then there's the S6's wider selfies, Everyone knows that a selfie can never be too wide, It's the width that expresses the vast breadth of the person taking the selfie, Meanwhile, the iPhone severs the head off Nana, Samsung is, indeed, accusing Apple of nanicide, There's something glorious in the notion that Samsung has decided to fight, It will continue to chip away at the iPhone 6's alleged inadequacies, It will find superiority wherever it can..

There again, aren't our phones supposed to be disappearing into our pockets permanently, as we're all now going to be daft enough to talk to our watches?. Hey, Samsung. Hurry up. We need an ad that mocks the Apple Watch. Technically Incorrect: It seemed as if Samsung wasn't going to knock Apple anymore. Then came the NBA Finals and new ads for the Galaxy S6 Edge. And boy is that iPhone 6 a bad phone. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives. It seems so long since Samsung cocked a snook and thumbed its nose in the direction of Cupertino.

Our phones are our lives, Sadly, Sometimes that obsession can cost someone else their life, A judge in Michigan decided that he could do something to make that point clear, As the Lansing State Journal reports, 23-year-old Mitzi Nelson struck and killed a cyclist last fall while she was driving, Police say she was too busy looking at her phone to see where she was going, Judge Stewart McDonald on Wednesday gave her two years of probation and six months in jail, with the potential of the final three griffin survivor clear iphone xs wallet case - black / clear months of that being commuted, He also gave her community service, as well as fines..

However, he meted out one more punishment, a very personal one. Nelson is not allowed to own or use a cell phone or other portable communication device for two years, reported the State Journal. The judge declared: "I don't think she has a right to have a cell phone. I think it's a privilege."The cell phone part of the sentence wasn't actually the judge's idea, according to the State Journal. It was proposed by Jordan Byelich, whose wife Jill was killed by Nelson. In 2013, 3,154 people in the US were killed in motor vehicle crashes involvĀ­ing distracted drivers -- which includes using a cell phone or texting, as well as activities such as eating, using a navigation system and adjusting the radio.

Nelson's lawyer told the State Journal that his client is unlikely to appeal, The question is, though, whether Nelson's cell phone punishment is actually meaningful, Nelson could surely get a family member or friend to buy a phone for her, She could also borrow phones, However well intentioned the judge, how much of a deterrent is this likely to be?, Technically Incorrect: A Michigan woman was distracted by her phone griffin survivor clear iphone xs wallet case - black / clear when she hit and killed a cyclist, A judge decides her phone is a privilege, not a right..

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