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Description* Red/Pink base with multi colour embellishements on flat shoes * comfortable in wear.* Perfect for every occasion.* Best in quality.* Handmade by me.Please chose your size from the below chat. If you are not sure about your size, please let us know.We ll help you out.Sizes:*EUR36-UK3-US5-PAKISTAN 6-INCHES-8.5"-CM 21.25*EUR37-UK4-US6-PAKISTAN 7-INCHES-9"-CM 22.50*EUR38-UK5-US7-PAKISTAN 8-INCHES-9.5"-CM 23.75*EUR39-UK6-US8-PAKISTAN 9-INCHES-10"-CM 25*EUR40-UK7-US9-PAKISTAN 10-INCHES-10.5"-CM 26*EUR41-UK8-US10-PAKISTAN 11-INCHES-11"-CM 27*EUR42-UK9-US11-PAKISTAN 12-INCHES-11.5"-CM 28** Standard shipping to US/Canada/UK/Middle East would takes about 14 days to deliver. To AU and European countries, it may takes around 20 days to deliver.

Though Cooley doesn’t miss the Vegas life, she’s remained active in the entertainment industry, swimming through commercials for Mountain Dew and American Apparel, and synchro doubling for the stars of the 2007-2009 TV series, “Pushing Daisies.” She recently returned to Hollywood for a nine-hour shoot as the swim double for 28-year-old actress Blake Lively; her scenes will appear in next year’s “I Can See You Now,” the latest feature from “Monster’s Ball,” “Finding Neverland” and “World War Z” director Mark Forster.

“I’ve always been a performer, and I’ve been very lucky to meet the right person at the right time,” Cooley says, “Since I’ve retired I’ve had parents emailing me all the time, asking when I’m going to start a new synchro team, So I finally thought ‘OK, I’ll do that … but this one’s going to be for fun only; no competitions.”, With that goal in mind Cooley’s just introduced the Bay Area Aqua Legs, a performance troupe that combines synchro, dance and some decidedly showgirly moves (and footwear), Cooley herself swims with the ensemble, which also includes her daughter, Boales and a number of Angelfish alumni, She hopes the group will be hired for corporate events, birthday parties and other poolside get-togethers, “We’re doing this for the love of synchronized handmade embellished red/ pink women flat shoes ballet flats kundan khussa juti ethnic shoes brooch bridal shoes mojari indian j swimming, and especially for charity, All of the money we make will go to SS-AWD … so this all ties in.”..

The SS-AWD organization’s application date for the Paralympic Games will be in the summer of 2018. With a requisite six-year waiting period to follow, the earliest that synchro might be included on the schedule is 2024. That gives Cooley and company roughly nine years to fundraise and prepare their team for the competition. “I don’t care if I have to eat beans every night if it means we can put another girl on a plane for another destination,” declares Boales. “It’s amazing what synchro can do for everyone. We’ll continue creating these opportunities as long as we can.”.

The play picks up as Kennedy is reeling handmade embellished red/ pink women flat shoes ballet flats kundan khussa juti ethnic shoes brooch bridal shoes mojari indian j following the assassination of his brother and as the 1964 presidential election approaches, Audiences are invited to “rediscover the true American Dream through Kennedy’s victories and defeats.”, Tickets are available at thestage.org, Works up for bidding in the silent auction will be displayed through Oct, 10, and live auction items will be on view beginning Oct, 4 and ending with a gala event on Oct, 24, Visit sjica.org for start times and auction entrance fee information..

Those who are brave enough are invited to wind the maze of halls and stairways of the Winchester Mystery House, with only a souvenir flashlight and whatever bits of moonlight creep through the windows to light the way. Admission includes various entertainment on the estate such as magicians, balloon artists and caricature illustrators. The special 55-minute tour sells out quickly, so pre-booking is highly recommended. Visit winchestermystery house.com or call 408. 247.2101 for more information. Choreographed by Cuban choreographer and dancer Alicia Alonso, the ballet about a young peasant girl who dies of a broken heart and then is summoned from the grave comes on the heels of the historic reopening of relations between the United States and Cuba after more than 50 years.

Alonso first danced the title role in 1945 in Havana and has adapted the choreography of the classic ballet, Now she has handpicked Jose Manuel Carreño, Silicon Valley Ballet’s artistic director, to dance in select performances, “Giselle” plays at San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, 255 Almaden Blvd, Tickets will be on sale at balletsj.org handmade embellished red/ pink women flat shoes ballet flats kundan khussa juti ethnic shoes brooch bridal shoes mojari indian j or 408.288.2800, Opening night features “Felix and Meira,” a tale of self-discovery between two lost souls and a glimpse into the Hasidic community, Actor Luzar Twersky will be there as a special guest..

Other highlights of the festival include “The Last Mentsch,” a film about an aging German Holocaust survivor who finally tries to come to terms with his past after concealing his heritage his entire life, and “Deli Man,” an exploration of Jewish culture and food as they reflect the heart of a vital ethnic history. Ticketing and show times can be found at svjff.org. Heritage Theater is located at 1 W. Campbell Ave., Campbell. Tickets are on sale at cityofcampbell.com/603/Blues-Brothers.

Homecoming week kicked off on “class color” day Monday, with freshmen coming to school decked out in maroon, sophomores in orange, juniors in pink and seniors in teal, handmade embellished red/ pink women flat shoes ballet flats kundan khussa juti ethnic shoes brooch bridal shoes mojari indian j Next came “multicultural” Tuesday, with students wearing traditional, cultural or other clothes representative of their native countries; then “I woke up like this” Wednesday, with everyone showing up in pajamas and sleep-mussed hair; followed by “you are what you eat” Thursday, with students clad in outfits that resembled food or had food on them..

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