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With our signature grippy knurled texture down the sides your sure to hold on tight!  The full inner layer shock absorbing bumper will leave you worry free from any bumps or drops. Dual layer protection. Available in Blue/Titanium and for the iPhone Xs Max.10-Foot drop protection, Knurled edges for enhanced grip, Two-tone color blocking , Refined metallic buttons , Compatible with wireless charging , Lifetime warranty .

"I do have the right to ask you," says the officer. He was correct, but there is no law that says Cooks had to tell him her name. Cooks wants to make a call to make sure the officer is telling the truth. Suddenly, the officer declares: "Ma'am. I'm going to give you two minutes."The officer becomes insistent. In an instant, he grabs Cooks, as she pleads with him not to touch her. She is handcuffed behind her back and then cast to the ground. ACLU attorney Jessica Price told me that the footage came to light after the Barstow police had arrested two brothers, Jesse and Robert Katz in 2014. They had been accused of stealing a vaporizer in a taco restaurant.

The ACLU took up their case, as the Katz brothers had also been arrested for refusing to give their ID, Last week, the ACLU and the City of Barstow reached a negotiated conclusion, which involved compensation being paid and the promise that the local police would undergo new training so that they understood the law, In Cooks's case, the police voluntarily produced the footage, Price told me, because they said it proved that Cooks had resisted arrest by taking a step back, How odd that stepping back would signify resistance as opposed to, say, fear, Still, the police proceeded, This was until, Price said, "the prosecution realized it had no law on which to base its case."She added: "They handcuffed a pregnant woman behind her back, They threw her to the ground, This was a woman who had come to pick up her second-grade daughter iphone xs max tough grip - blue/titanium case from school."Price, who doesn't represent Cooks, told me that she doesn't believe that this assumption that refusing to give your ID constitutes obstruction is limited to Barstow..

Initially, the police issued a statement, reported by CBS Los Angeles, that included these words: "It is apparent that Ms. Cook actively resisted arrest."What might be apparent to some is that the officers treated an innocent black woman very differently from the way they had treated an innocent white one. When I contacted Barstow police, Lt. Michael Hunter told me: "The incident is being investigated and we have no further comment."The case was dismissed last month and I understand that Cooks is now pursuing a claim for damages against the Barstow police department.

How odd, though, that footage that seems so clear could be subject to such differing interpretation, Whenever cases such as this appear, it's not a suggestion that every police officer behaves this way, It's a difficult job, as many officers have to suffer awful and sometimes deadly behavior from members of the public, This is the future, though, One in which footage will be parsed with differing interpretations, At least the footage is there for all to see, Technically iphone xs max tough grip - blue/titanium case Incorrect: The police in Barstow, Calif., arrest a heavily pregnant black woman for allegedly resisting arrest, They say they did the right thing, Does the footage confirm that?..

Now before you get too excited, there are a few things you should understand. With that said, let's jump in. The method outlined in this guide is for Windows computers only. There are other options available for Mac users, although you could always load boot camp or a virtual Windows PC to perform this. A developer that goes by the alias of WugFresh created a tool that can easily unlock the bootloader and root your Nexus device. I've been using the tool for quite sometime and it's incredibly straightforward. Please note that it may void your warranty, and again, that CNET is not responsible for anything that may happen to your device. You should proceed with caution; non-experienced users may just be better off waiting until the official update is available later this year.

You can download the tool from this website and install it on your Windows computer, Launch the program and select the device you are using, along with its current build, To find the build on your Nexus device, enter Settings and scroll down to About phone, You will find the iphone xs max tough grip - blue/titanium case information you need under Build number, While you are in the About Phone section, click on the Build Number option seven times to enable Developer mode, Then, in the Developer mode options, enable USB debugging, A screen will pop up on your phone when the Nexus Root Toolkit attempts to make a connection, Make sure to allow it..

You will also have to disable the MTP setting on your Nexus device. When the device is plugged into the computer, swipe down from the Notification bar, select the USB option and toggle MTP off. If the program and computer aren't recognizing your device, you will have to install software drivers. In the Nexus Root Toolkit, click on the "Full Driver Installation Guide" button and follow steps 1 through 4. This is the most difficult part of the process. Be sure to follow the steps exactly and make sure to restart your computer when prompted to do so.

Before you can flash a factory image, you must first unlock your bootloader, Click the Unlock button in the Nexus Root Toolkit, click iphone xs max tough grip - blue/titanium case OK, followed by Yes, Your device will reboot a few times, but don't freak out, Let the program do its thing, Once your device has successfully rebooted, skip the initial setup and go right into the settings menu, Once again, click the Build number option to enable Developer Mode and select USB debugging, Now head to Google's developer website and download the Android M preview factory image, Be sure to download the image that corresponds to your device, I am using a Nexus 5, so I downloaded the "hammerhead" image..

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