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This offering is for a pair of mid 19th century leather ballet slippers or shoes. The shoes are made of a wonderful soft black leather with leather soles and cotton cloth linings. The inside of the shoes are stamped with the size 13¼, there are no makers names. The overall length from toe to heel is app. 7 7/8". There is minor wear but the leather is still quite pliable, the soles are excellent. One shoe is missing the cotton cloth insole.

SUNDAY: After a decade off the air, the filmmaking experiment known as “Project Greenlight” is back. Oscar-winning pals Matt Damon and Ben Affleck hear pitches from 13 wannabe directors seeking a chance to oversee a $3 million film. 10 p.m., HBO. MONDAY: They finally will name this season’s winner of “So You Think You Can Dance” — but not before two hours of mind-numbing bloat. So you think you can last? 8 p.m., Fox. MONDAY: The two-part “American Experience: Walt Disney” reveals, among other things, that kindly Uncle Walt had a dark side. Clearly, it’s the side that inflicted the song “It’s a Small World” upon us. 8 p.m., PBS.

TUESDAY: “Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris” is an offbeat variety-type show stuffed with everything from stunts and skits to pranks and musical numbers, We’re hoping it will be, well, legendary, 10 p.m., NBC, TUESDAY: “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter trades guns and motorcycles for swords and horses in the medieval saga “Bastard Executioner.” But apparently, there still will be plenty of excessive violence, 10 p.m., FX, WEDNESDAY: We don’t know who will walk away with the grand prize on tonight’s “America’s Got Talent” finale, However, we do know that nice 19th c pair of mid 19th century leather ballet slippers or shoes they will make us wait two long hours to find out, 9 p.m., NBC..

THURSDAY: “Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood” is a special that has the ventriloquist and comedian entertaining an audience at the Dolby Theatre. The show also features appearances by country singer Brad Paisley, funny guy Chris Parnell and former UFC champ Chuck Liddell. 8 p.m., NBC. FRIDAY: “Meat Loaf: In and Out of Hell” is a documentary about an overweight, bullied kid who grew up to become a flamboyant rock ‘n’ roll star. Candid interviews with family members, friends and fellow musicians make for a gritty and sometimes humorous profile. 8 p.m., Showtime.

Last weekend, we ran a story about how a “new generation” of women — college women, social media activists and A-list celebrities — are stepping up proudly call themselves feminists, Over the decades, this identity is both associated with a movement that vastly expanded the rights of women and with negative stereotypes of the angry, man-hating “feminazis” of Rush Limbaugh’s characterization, Here is what readers have to say about the f-word, the feminist movement and nice 19th c pair of mid 19th century leather ballet slippers or shoes gender issues in 21st century America..

72, and a feminist. My first memory of gender inequality was when my girlfriend and I, at about the age of 12, tried to get a newspaper route and were told, “boys only.”. Actually, before that, in fifth grade, when both the girls and boys wanted the baseball diamond at recess, our teacher gave it to the boys. In junior high (in the 1950s), a group of girls approached our P.E. teacher to ask for a girls track team. The word came back, that the all-male school board wanted “their girls” to be “ladylike.” Protesting their decision in any form never entered our “pretty little heads.” We took to jumping hurdles on the track at lunch hour in our flowing skirts and many crinolines. Oh, yes, we had to wear skirts at school.

Up until this time, I could run as fast as the fastest boy, but then they got training in their many after-school sports, Girls had water ballet, dance club, and, of course, cheerleading, Years later, between 1962 and 1969, working in a professional health care office, I was subjected to fanny pats as part of the “fringe benefits,” as the doctor called it, Of course, there were the typical off-color sexist and demeaning comments to and about women, It was pervasive, The women’s movement was in its early stages and hadn’t filtered down to small offices or to the nice 19th c pair of mid 19th century leather ballet slippers or shoes large university where I also worked..

My girlfriends were getting married and changing their names, which in a pre-Internet world meant I lost track of many simply because I had no way to find them and stay in contact. By the time I married in 1974, I was most definitely a feminist, politically and personally. I even enjoyed the wind blowing through the visible dark hair that I let grow on my lower legs. I was well aware of how being “ladylike” was a term used by a male-dominated society to manipulate girls and women into acting in ways that did not serve them into achieving goals that were “out of the box.” I was 31 when I married, and I kept my birth surname. It is my name.

Finally, I am fulfilling my athletic self, working with a CrossFit trainer for seven years, I just achieved my personal best dead lift of 205 pounds, Of course, I am very stoked about it and enjoy my strength enormously, However, I do wonder what I might have achieved if Title IX had passed when I was 8 years old, It brings tears to my eyes when I see young girls and young women working out nice 19th c pair of mid 19th century leather ballet slippers or shoes and fully participating in sports, as if it is their birthright, which it most definitely is, Marilyn Porter..

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