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Custom moulded for the iPhone 8, this rose gold Makamae case from Olixar provides a premium look, while adding excellent protection against damage as well as a slimline fit for added convenience.

Apple will staff the Madison Avenue location with 200 retail employees, who will now be part of the company's 2,000 total Manhattan retail staff, Barlia said. The company started with its first Manhattan store in 2002 in SoHo with 40 employees there. Apple used historic pictures, like this one, of the former bank to reconstruct elements of the space that were taken away by past tenants. The teller windows along the wall were not brought back. Walking down the original marble staircase, customers can find the bank's original vault, which was recreated as a VIP showroom.

Here's a closer view of the vault's door, The Madison Avenue store isn't Apple's first with an original bank vault inside; the Paris Opera location also includes one, The vault for now will be used for trials of the Apple Watch Edition -- a smartwatch that costs up to $17,000 -- and in the future could host workshops and business customers, Among the elements Apple brought back were the olixar makamae leather-style iphone 8 case - rose gold reviews chandeliers, shown here on the ground floor. Apple hired Brooklyn crafts workers to remake the lighting, using the historical photographs as a guide..

These aren't the original chandeliers, but are as close as Apple could get. Apple brought back other architectural pieces including the original paint color, which was uncovered after removing layers of old paint. The floors, wainscoting and pilaster were remade using Botticino marble -- the Italian marble used at Grand Central Terminal -- to match the portico and staircase. Apple also kept the bank's original exterior bronze doors and restored the exterior facade of the building. The art on the walls are pieces taken by New York photographers of the Upper East Side using, of course, Apple's iPhone 6 smartphones.

Apple will be giving away books of these photographers' iPhone art at the grand opening Saturday, A display for the Apple Watch, olixar makamae leather-style iphone 8 case - rose gold reviews the company's newest device, is right up front, with a handful of Apple Watch Editions kept under the glass, The company last year hired Angela Ahrendts -- the former Burberry CEO -- as its head of Apple’s online and in-store sales to turn things around in retail, as well as figure out how to sell the Apple Watch, On the other side of the basement floor, across from the vault, is the accessories room, which includes speakers, headphones, cords and iPhone cases..

The struggling smartphone maker could run Android on an "upcoming slider device" that will likely be released this fall, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing sources "familiar with the matter." The smartphone would, according to Reuters, combine a touchscreen with a slide-out keyboard that people could use if they prefer. The move would be a tacit admission of the failure of BlackBerry's homegrown mobile operating system to win over new smartphone customers. The BlackBerry OS saw its market share fall to just 0.4 percent in 2014, according to IDC. An embrace of Android, however, would fall in line with the smartphone maker's focus shift toward software and services layered on top of devices.

BlackBerry declined to comment on Reuters' report, but said in an emailed statement that it remains "committed to the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which provides security and productivity benefits that are unmatched."Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment, At this year's Mobile World Congress trade show, BlackBerry teased a smartphone with a curved display that wraps around the side, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and a slide-out keyboard, It's unclear if this is the same slider device Reuters' sources said may run olixar makamae leather-style iphone 8 case - rose gold reviews Android, BlackBerry also unveiled an all-touchscreen phone called the Leap at the show, a departure from its earlier line-up, which was totally dependent on BlackBerry's trademark physical keyboard..

As it attempts to shift toward the more lucrative software and services business, BlackBerry has signaled a willingness to embrace operating systems it previously would have considered a competitive threat. In March, the company unveiled plans to create a "BlackBerry Experience Suite," taking BlackBerry features like its Hub messaging portal, virtual keyboard and security capabilities and turning them into a collection of apps and features that will be made available to iPhones, iPads and devices running on the Android and Windows operating systems. The company also released its popular BBM messenger service to Android and iOS in 2013.

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