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For another size, do not hesitate to contact us. The price will be adapted to the requested size.Made of thick vinyl decal stencil. Can be used in painting or sanding. Reusable.For the application of paint, it is recommended to use a stencil, short and hard brush brush. Stencil brushes made in Britain by the company Leonard, are available in the shop. You will find them in 4 different sizes.You can submit your projects; We will make your custom stencils.Compared to other decorative techniques, and especially stickers, stencil:Reusable and can produce many motives• Fits a variety of media• Does not have the choice of colorsCan be retouched, adjusted or remade

1. “Dance With Me”. 2. “My Life Would Suck Without You”. 3. “Dark Side”. 4. “Nostalgic”. 5. “Mr. Know It All”. 6. “Invincible”. 7. “Piece by Piece”. 8. “Because of You”/”Breakaway”. 9. “Tightrope”. 10. “Take You High”. 11. “Behind These Hazel Eyes”. 12. “I Have Nothing” (sung by Kamaria Ousley). 13. “Sunday Morning”. 14. “Breaking Your Own Heart”.

Sunday was her turn, Brush stroke after brush stroke, family and friends filled in the picture of Maddy Middleton through tribute and song, And just when the five-minute video selfie she shot flashed across the big screens at Kaiser Permanente Arena — completing the portrait of a hilarious, quick-witted and supremely fun-loving child — the blurry images and the laughter stopped, a chilling reminder that this was now the only way stencil dance. ballerinas. ballet shoes. stencil ballerinas (ref 308) for the 1,500 people who attended the Maddy’s Day Memorial to access her luminous spirit..

During a reading, poet Jasmine Schlafke — like the families of Maddy and her accused killer, a resident of the Tannery Arts Center, an arts community — recalled that Maddy was prone to pronouncements like “Lady Gaga gets it,” and she had an epic sense of humor. “Madyson already had a pretty good hold on sarcasm,” Schlafke said. The poet also mentioned a movie that Maddy and her friend, 8-year-old June Parvis, shot with a phone camera using Littlest Pet Shop toy animals as characters. LPS and howling like wolves was a big part of the joy the two girls shared since becoming best friends at the age of 3. June somehow managed to hold her emotions in check during the memorial service, but when an adult knelt down to ask if she missed her friend, the girl dissolved in tears and was unable to speak.

On July 31, under a blue moon, June taught members of the Tannery community and others who gathered with lighted candles at a “Howl for Maddy” how to howl the way she did it, When the service ended Sunday, June had her face painted like a wolf, The arena was less than a mile from Tannery Arts, and both are near the same levee where volunteers desperately searched for 26 hours before the grim discovery of Maddy’s body stencil dance. ballerinas. ballet shoes. stencil ballerinas (ref 308) July 27, In the month since then, little of the initial shock has worn off, But residents, and the artists who occupy studio spaces at the center, have pulled together as never before..

“Everybody has gotten closer,” said Jane Gregorius, who attended with co-worker Mary Neater of Printmakers at the Tannery. “I think at this point it’s really a sacred place,” Neater said. “You walk in that courtyard, and it’s so family oriented, with mothers taking their daughters to dance class, and kids on their Razor scooters, or going to art classes. It’s the most unlikely spot in the world for anything of this sort to happen.”. Throughout Santa Cruz, there has been a concerted effort to restore a sense of order and normalcy to the Tannery Center. Much like friends attending a wake with covered dishes, restaurants in the area have brought in food that has fed hundreds of resident artists and their families. But the pall has not completely lifted. “Everybody knew both families,” Neater said, “so it’s been a double whammy.”.

“You can’t escape thoughts of her,” said Tannery artist Telopa, who was painting Madonna-like representations of Maddy as the service proceeded, He described them as a manifestation of “a feeling of what we’re going through, This is what I do for a living, but for the past month it’s been therapy.” The paintings were actually begun by Tannery kids, and Telopa spread the therapy and the paint around — stencil dance. ballerinas. ballet shoes. stencil ballerinas (ref 308) allowing June and 7-year-old Max Sanderson to add their own brush strokes..

“I tell people we were totally robbed of an amazing artist,” Telopa said. “All the Tannery kids have that confidence in themselves. That’s why it was such a shock. It’s a place where all eyes are on you all the time. Everybody knows everybody there.”. They all now know Laura Jordan, Maddy’s mom, who spoke briefly at the memorial, and at one point sighed deeply and seemed to be brushing away goose bumps when Nick Gallant sang the second line of his own composition, “Maddy’s Song,” We were looking and praying for you all day long.

“Laura has totally led the way,” Telopa said, “She’s a pillar of strength, She made everybody want to stay tight as a community, Everyone came to celebrate Maddy’s life in their own way, As the arena was emptying, a group of people banded together and began to howl, One woman, who declined to give her name, said she came because stencil dance. ballerinas. ballet shoes. stencil ballerinas (ref 308) she had a more painful connection to the beautiful child whose image was flickering on the screen above her, “I’ve been dealing with a stalker,” she said, “and I’m here because I made it and Maddy didn’t.”..

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