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These are three sterling silver charms. The Sweet 16 is stamped Sterling on the back and measures 5/8" tall.The lipstick is also 5/8 inch tall without the bezel and has marcasite on it. The ballet shoe is 1/2 inch tall without the Bezel.Sweet...

Now, it’s being reported that the self-admitted sister molester, porn addict and cheating Ashley Madison spouse also had two sexual encounters with a stripper and porn star. In Touch magazine has an interview with Danica Dillon, a 28-year-old stripper and porn star who says she twice had sex with Duggar, the oldest son in the “19 Kids and Counting” reality TV show universe. As this latest allegation about Duggar’s non-family-values sexual proclivities emerged, the Duggar family released a statement saying he had checked into a long-term treatment facility, presumably to address his addictive behaviors.

Dillon — who passed a polygraph test conducted by “a top certified polygrapher” on Aug, 24 — explains the sterling 3 charms- sweet 16, ballet shoe & lipstick encounters occurred when Josh’s wife, Anna, was pregnant with their fourth child, In Touch reports, The first happened after Josh approached Dillon in a Philadelphia club where she was performing, in mid-March, The second happened when Dillon was working at another club in Pennsylvania, Dillon alleges in In Touch that Duggar bought $600 in private dances, was “violent” when they had sex, did not use protection and gave her thousands of dollars after their encounters..

Can you imagine? No San Jose Sharks. No “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” San Jose State might have even changed its name. This was all being discussed in November 1925, the same week the districts of Hester, Hanchett and College Park voted — after four failed attempts — to join San Jose, giving the city a new northwestern flank and at least 12,000 people. A few days later, the San Jose Mercury Herald ran a front-page story boasting San Jose was now the eighth-biggest city in California and even outranked some cities in Florida. Alas, the population chip on our shoulder has not been a recent development.

Alex Hart, whose namesake department store was a San Jose icon, welcomed the idea of annexing Santa Clara in the Nov, 27, 1925, edition of the San Jose Evening News, which queried citizens from both cities on the topic, “I have always favored the idea,” he said, “The name Santa Clara is better known in the East I have found, When I sterling 3 charms- sweet 16, ballet shoe & lipstick tell people there I’m from San Jose, I have to spell the name so they’ll know what I’m talking about.”, Victor Benson, who backed the successful annexation, said in the San Jose Mercury Herald that continuing on to Santa Clara only made sense — as did adopting the Mission City’s name, “San Jose’s name is abused,” he said, “and Santa Clara’s is better known.”..

Seems it was the pronunciation — darn that Spanish “j” — that confounded our 1920s brethren. Thankfully, the city had enlightened folks like Councilman Dan Gray to stick up for it: “The very novelty of the Spanish pronunciation of San Jose tends to make the name stick in an Eastern person’s mind.”. Many of the Evening News’ interviewees — even those firmly against the idea, who were mostly from Santa Clara — thought consolidation would be inevitable as the two cities grew larger. Of course, it never happened. The Great Depression and World War II gave residents bigger worries, and it wasn’t until the 1950s that San Jose resumed its land-grabbing ways.

However, prominent San Jose realtor W.L, Atkinson was amazingly prescient in his 1925 response: “There is a vast metropolitan area extending out to Los Gatos and Saratoga which needs proper sewage disposal … and to the east there is a foothill region only awaiting water to spring into a populous area, If we plan wisely we’ll have 250,000 people coming down here from San Francisco before we know it.”, Not far from the mark, except the part about planning wisely, A crowd of about 2,000 people usually attends the gala, which starts with Mass at St, Joseph Cathedral Basilica, continues sterling 3 charms- sweet 16, ballet shoe & lipstick with the show at the Center for the Performing Arts and finishes with dinner and dancing that takes up every ballroom space at the Fairmont San Jose..

Ticket pricing isn’t available yet, but more information on the event is at Suzanne Phelps, Dane’s mother, said, “Our loss is huge, but our greatest joy is in knowing that his life can still make a difference for others by helping to find better treatments, increasing research, and supporting programs for affected individuals and families.”. Other performers will include the Capitol Dance competition team and the Valley Christian High School Vivid competition dance team. Tickets start at $29, and there’s more information available at

As a California taxpayer I feel another financial subsidy goes to large ag businesses to fix the infrastructure damage caused by their unregulated pumping of groundwater, As a state we must quickly make users bear the true cost of water so that it is treated as the precious commodity it is in our dry state, Waiting until 2020 sterling 3 charms- sweet 16, ballet shoe & lipstick for full regulation on ground water pumping to be in effect is crazy, If people don’t vote simply because they are too busy to put postage on their ballot, chances are they are also too busy to have studied the candidates and issues well enough to cast an intelligent vote..

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