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Collect compliments when you keep your iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus secure in this ArtsCase Designers case. The graphically inspired cover is made with tough polycarbonate materials to ensure your device is well protected against high-impact bumps and drops without adding extra bulk. The hard rubber and silicone of this ArtsCase designer case also defend against shocks and scratches.

Powering the phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor -- that's an octa-core chip, backed up by 2GB of RAM, which is a fair amount of power for a midrange phone. It racked up 21,126 on the Quadrant benchmark test, which is a healthy score; everyday use of the phone seemed mostly fine. Apps opened reasonably quickly, and although there was the odd bit of stuttering when swiping around the interface, it wasn't annoying. Netflix played video perfectly well, I could edit images in Adobe Photoshop Express without any trouble and games like Asphalt 8 played smoothly. Of course, that was only once I deleted enough stuff to install the apps in the first place. For everyday tasks like social networking, the phone will do fine even if it doesn't have the nippy, immediate feel of its pricier, more powerful sibling.

The back of the phone is home to a 13-megapixel camera, which is a step down from the impressive 20.7-megapixel shooter found on the Z3, Megapixels certainly don't equal better photos, however, so I took it for a spin to see what it's capable of, The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - rainbow paisley rain on blue new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, The Good The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua's slick, minimalist design is very similar to that of the top-end Xperia Z3, Its waterproof body makes it usable in the shower, and its capable processor handles the essentials well..

The Bad The camera is truly awful, making it a bad choice for anyone keen on photography. There's a pitiful amount of storage, and Sony's insistence on bundling apps and widgets makes the phone cluttered right out of the box. The Bottom Line The M4 Aqua starts well with its luscious looks and affordable price, but the abysmal camera and storage woes quickly take the shine off an otherwise decent handset. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Researchers at the University of New Haven have shown that they can extract personal information from the LG G Watch and from the Samsung Gear 2 Neo , Specifically, they retrieved calendar, contacts and pedometer data from the G Watch, along with the watch user's strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - rainbow paisley rain on blue email address, On the Gear 2 Neo, they got health, email, messages and contacts data, None of it was encrypted, "It was not very difficult to get the data, but expertise and research was required," said Ibrahim Baggili, director of the university's Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group (UNHCFREG), He and co-authors Jeff Oduru, Kyle Anthony, Frank Breitinger and Glenn McGee plan to present their findings in a paper for a digital forensics conference in August..

Our personal data and who access to it has become an increasingly pressing concern, especially as the everyday objects around us -- from watches to our clothes -- get smarter, more connected and share more information with each other. The ease with which Samsung's and LG's smartwatches were hacked speaks to the importance of data encryption. Not many people yet own smartwatches, but the numbers are sure to grow in the coming months and years. Market researcher Strategy Analytics said that in 2014 device makers including Samsung, LG, Motorola and Pebble shipped a total of only 4.6 million smartwatches worldwide, and while it forecasts a jump to 28.1 million in 2015, that's still a blip compared with the number of smartphones moved.

Much of the increase this year is expected to ride on the back of the Apple Watch, which strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - rainbow paisley rain on blue went on sale in late April, Apple's gadget won't just spark the market -- with its range of capabilities, it also points to just how central smartwatches could soon become in our digital lives, tracking everything from our health and fitness data to our phone calls and electronic payments, Encryption can help keep people's data out of prying hands by scrambling that information so that it's readable only by those with the key to it -- but even then there are limits, in particular when the prying hands have access to a person's smartphone, laptop or smartwatch, Beyond that, there's a broader debate over how much encryption should be allowed, Law enforcement officials have advocated for fewer protections, which would allow them to more effectively track down criminals and monitor terrorist plots, But the easier it is for government agencies to spy on members of the public, the more open the door is for criminals looking to engage in identity theft..

It would be easy for device manufacturers to encrypt smartwatch data, Baggili said, but that's no guarantee of safety. "Just because encryption is enabled does not mean it is implemented in a way that does not allow us to defeat the encryption," he said. The Gear 2 Neo uses Samsung's Tizen operating system, while the LG G Watch is one of several models that uses Google's Android Wear operating system. The researchers obtained the data both by poking through the watches' files and finding traces of watch activity on the Samsung Android smartphone to which they were linked. The researchers also have begun testing the Apple Watch.

Google didn't comment for this story, and Apple didn't respond to a request strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus and 8 plus - rainbow paisley rain on blue for comment, Samsung said in a statement that the company "takes consumer privacy and security very seriously and our products are designed with privacy in mind, If at any time we identify a potential vulnerability, we act promptly to investigate and resolve the issue."And LG Electronics said, "At LG, we take security very seriously and will make every effort to protect the privacy of our customers, As such, we make it a priority to investigate any and all breach of privacy issues related to LG products for immediate resolution."The University of New Haven has been working on privacy and encryption matters that affect consumers, In 2014, it found that many smartphone communications apps were transmitting messages and photos without encryption's protective shield of data-scrambling technology, And in 2015, it released Datapp, a Windows program designed to let people check for that kind of unencrypted data themselves..

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