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Crazy cute pointy toe flats, minimal chic + super comfortable!Pair them with skinny jeans or just wear them to add a stylish touch to every look!► Made to order ballet flats, I will be delighted to personally handcraft a pair of ballet flats especially for you! ^_^► Upper in buttery soft Gold Italian leather ► Available in many wonderful colors, see them all here : you fancy another color or material, just let me know: I love custom orders and I will be happy to sew a pair for you!► Leather Insole + padded inner sole► Suitable for both outdoor and indoor► Genuine Leather *vero cuoio* Man-Made outsoles► Truly and completely handmade by me ^_^► Packaged in a nice and handmade textile bag with ribbon, perfect as a nice present or while traveling!► Shoe sizing :In order to pick the right size, please, measure your foot: sit down on a chair and place your foot on top of a ruler on the floor, measure the foot from the very back of the heel to the longest toe and compare the measurement with the following size chart:if your foot length is ****** suggested size is8.3" - 21,2 cm-------------------------348.6" - 21,9 cm-------------------------358.7" - 22,2 cm------------------------- 369" - 23 cm-------------------------------379.3" - 23,7 cm--------------------------389.5" - 24,3 cm--------------------------399.8" - 25 cm----------------------------4010.1" -25,8 cm--------------------------4110.4" - 26,4 cm------------------------4210.6" - 27 cm---------------------------4310.9" - 27,8 cm-------------------------4411.1" - 28,4 cm--------------------------45Please, consider that my shoes fit small, however, as the leathers I use are very soft, they tend to naturally stretch and after few uses they normally fit like a glove!► Bigger sizes are available upon request, if you need out of scale sizes, please, contact me► Please, take a look to my shop policies before your purchase!♥♥ Thank you!! ♥♥Grazie per aver visitato il mio negozio Etsy!Se preferisci, puoi contattarmi in italiano!¡Gracias por visitar mi tienda Etsy!¡Si lo prefieres puedes contactarme en español!

While President Obama has yet to respond to Drake’s insults via Twitter or a White House press conference, Mill immediately started to mix things up, an hour later releasing his own insult-laden single, “War Pains,” the New York Daily News reported. He actually responds to several of Drake’s lines from “Summer Sixteen” by claiming that Drake, in fact, employs a ghost writer. He also insults Drake’s dance moves in the music video “Hotline Bling.”.

The latest twist on L, Frank Baum’s beloved fable “The Wizard of Oz” ventures off the beaten Yellow Brick path with tons of high-tech razzle dazzle, not to mention brand new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, Unfortunately it’s hard to compete with our memories of the classic MGM movie and the chutzpah of that other “Oz” reboot known as “Wicked,” even though wedding shoes. bridal low heel shoes. pointy ballet flats. pointy shoes. leather ballerinas. flat shoes bride. bridesmaids gift. this journey over the rainbow has sass and special effects to spare, The merry old land of Oz will hold court at the Center for the Performings Arts through Feb, 4 as part of the Broadway San Jose series..

One of the most notable departures from nostalgia is the girl in the blue gingham dress herself. This Dorothy (Sarah Lasko) isn’t a shy little lass with only love in her heart. She’s a spitfire with a temper and she doesn’t mince words. The orphaned Dorothy has a grudge against the world and she takes it out on Auntie Em (Emmanuelle Zeesman) and Uncle Henry (Randy Charleville). In fact, she’s such a handful that dear old uncle starts to doubt if they should have adopted her in the first place.

Dorothy’s quandary paves the way for one wedding shoes. bridal low heel shoes. pointy ballet flats. pointy shoes. leather ballerinas. flat shoes bride. bridesmaids gift. of the show’s original songs, “Nobody Understands Me,” which is likable enough but it’s tough to measure up to the show’s iconic tunes (by Harold Arlen and E.Y, Harburg), The new material just doesn’t have the same sparkle, None of the new songs adds that much to the narrative and a few, such as ‘Wonders of the World” and “The Red Shoe Blues,” cut the momentum at a crucial point and make the production drag when it wants to soar..

On the other hand, it is always hard to resist the Toto factor and Loki, the terrier, is no exception. A 9-year-old rescue dog who acquits himself with aplomb, Loki is among the sidekicks that has Dorothy’s back as she eases on down the road despite the lions and tigers and bears (oh my). And while it’s no easy feat inhabiting characters as iconic as the Cowardly Lion (Aaron Fried), the Scarecrow (Morgan Reynolds) and the Tin Man (Jay McGill), all three actors manage to pay homage to the past while making the roles their own.

Mark Harmon also gilds the great and powerful wizard with wit and humility, delivering classic dialogue with panache, Unfortunately Shani Hadjian is far less successful investing the wicked witch with the force and authority she demands, The actress never finds the darkness in the green diva and her evil laughter doesn’t induce the least bit of intimidation, With a lackluster villain to battle, wedding shoes. bridal low heel shoes. pointy ballet flats. pointy shoes. leather ballerinas. flat shoes bride. bridesmaids gift. the adventure seems less interesting for Dorothy and her cohorts, It also makes the hideous flying monkeys seem a lot less scary once you’ve watched them sing and dance..

Lasko, for her part, has a honeyed voice that frames “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” beautifully. She radiates pluckiness from the eye of the twister (projections by Jon Driscoll) to the shining streets of Emerald City and she keeps Loki on his marks. Still most of the time the visuals seem to be real star here. Jeremy Sam’s production is nothing if not handsomely appointed from the black and white universe of Kansas to the neon rainbows of Dorothy’s dream. The magic of this production is so cinematic it keeps reminding you of the movie you grew up with, my pretties.

So the arts groups in downtown’s SoFA District came up wedding shoes. bridal low heel shoes. pointy ballet flats. pointy shoes. leather ballerinas. flat shoes bride. bridesmaids gift. with a helpful solution, asking Garden City Construction owner Jim Salata if they could use the sign to give some direction to downtown visitors, Now one side points toward the art galleries, cafes and restaurants on South First Street, and another arrow points in the other direction toward the plentiful parking under Interstate 280, The Institute of Contemporary Art’s in-house designer came up with the graphic, which should help visitors out during this Friday’s monthly art crawl through the district, Cathy Kimball, executive director of the ICA, said Salata begrudgingly agreed to the change of the sign, which is on his company’s property, Of course, that’s all bark — Salata and his company are longtime supporters of the arts in San Jose..

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