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The survey did not assess mercury risks to humans. Grebes were chosen as the “indicator species” because they are prevalent statewide and are at the top of the aquatic food chain, which is infused with highly toxic mercury from the bottom up. Algae absorb mercury, which accumulates in the tissues of increasingly larger organisms, and, in a process called biomagnification, maxes out in top predators. Grebes feast almost exclusively on prey fish, 2 to 4 inches long, slowly amassing in their svelte, feathered bodies a concentration of mercury that has biologists concerned.

Overall, only 6 percent of the 354 grebes sampled at 25 waterways around the state had a mercury blood level at or above 3 parts per million, the high-risk women bridal wedding shoes size 4.5/indian silver jutti shoes/silver wedding flats/silver ballet flats/jasmine shoes/khussa shoe threshold, At Lake Berryessa, a popular recreation spot for humans, 88 percent of the grebes were at that level of contamination, and all the rest were at 1 part per million or more, the threshold for moderate risk of reproductive impairment, such as reduced hatching success, Five other lakes had between 6 percent and 13 percent of grebes with 3 parts per million of mercury in their blood..

Half of the grebes at Lake Mendocino near Ukiah were at moderate risk, with none at high risk. Clear Lake in Lake County, a major grebe habitat, had 32 percent of grebes at moderate risk and 8 percent at high risk. At Lake Hennessey, a small reservoir east of St. Helena in Napa County, 78 percent of grebes were at moderate risk and none at high risk. Peter Kilkus, president of the Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce, said he’s been boating on the lake for 17 years and enjoyed passing hundreds of the black and white birds with red eyes and swan-like necks.

“It’s like you’re in a grebe heaven,” he said, “Everybody loves them.”, On jet skis, a person can get within 15 to 20 feet of grebes, which eventually dive down and pop up 50 feet away, said Kilkus, a retiree and former mayor of San Anselmo who moved to women bridal wedding shoes size 4.5/indian silver jutti shoes/silver wedding flats/silver ballet flats/jasmine shoes/khussa shoe Lake Berryessa in 2005, Grebes are the most plentiful bird species on the 15-mile-long reservoir, which holds four times more water than Lake Sonoma and is home to bald eagles, osprey and seagulls, Sidney Silverberg, a veteran Berryessa fishing guide, said the Western and Clark’s grebes are as reliable as modern technology in locating bass and other prized game fish, Just head for flocks of hundreds of grebes on the water, signaling the presence of minnows, which they share with bigger fish..

“You don’t need a fish finder,” he said. The State Water Resources Control Board lists 74 California lakes and reservoirs as mercury-impaired waterways, including Lakes Sonoma, Mendocino, Pillsbury and Berryessa. A water board study of nearly 5,000 sport fish from 272 lakes and reservoirs in 2007-08 found that one in five waterways had at least one species — primarily bass or carp — with a mercury level high enough to merit a state recommendation that women of child-bearing age and children up to age 17 should not eat them. The four North Bay area reservoirs also made that list.

Her big break came when she joined Vine, uploading 6-second comedy skits and videos of herself dancing with her dad Wally, In no time, Valenzuela began racking up millions of followers, and soon enough, brands started paying her to promote their products on social media, including other sites such as Instagram, which allowed her to delve into music full time, “Social media changed my life,” said Valenzuela, who has 4.5 women bridal wedding shoes size 4.5/indian silver jutti shoes/silver wedding flats/silver ballet flats/jasmine shoes/khussa shoe million followers on Vine, “Now I’m able to cross over to the music world, but I think the most challenging part is getting people to accept me as an artist not just as a Viner.”..

A growing number of musicians like Valenzuela have harnessed the power of social media from Instagram to YouTube to not only make a living, but to connect to their fans and promote their work. Tech firms are feeding the appetites of fans by releasing new tools to discover new music and interact with artists. “As we move further away from music discovery being something you did on the radio or walking through a Tower Records store, I think social media is going to be an incredible tool for discovery, curation and recommendation,” said Russ Crupnick, managing partner of MusicWatch, a New York company that provides market research for the music and entertainment industry.

The number of people who have been using social media to follow an artist has climbed in recent years and more than half of Internet users ages 13 and older are following musicians on social media, sharing playlists or doing other music-related activities, according to 2015 data from MusicWatch, They’re following artists online to find their new music, view photos, learn about their personal lives and more, the research showed, Tech companies such as Facebook and Apple have released new tools to make it easier to share and discover music, In November, social media giant Facebook teamed up with Apple Music women bridal wedding shoes size 4.5/indian silver jutti shoes/silver wedding flats/silver ballet flats/jasmine shoes/khussa shoe to allow users to share and listen to a 30-second preview of a song or album and then broadened the feature to work with other music streaming services, including Napster and Rhapsody..

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