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It takes a while for the farcical humor to get going, however, and with a few forgettable songs at the top of the show (other than “Comedy Tonight” which wasn’t quite as boisterous an opening number as it should have been), it’s easy to lose concentration. But then Doug Santana (as the devious servant Pseudolus) revs up his elfish antics and rubbery facial expressions — and suddenly things are looking up. It gets a whole lot better after the entrance of the lovely Jessica Whittemore wearing a long, flowing white gown with braided golden hair as Philia, a young woman with a brain the size of a pea.

It turns out that all Pseudolus wants is to be free, while all his young master Hero (a somewhat lightweight Anthony Stephens) wants is the fair Philia, The crafty slave puts two and two together and elicits a promise from 10mm brass ballet slippers (4 pcs) #2806 Hero that if he can help him woo and win Philia, Hero will give Pseudolus his freedom, As Pseudolus explains to Hero, “You’re a vegetable unless you’re free.” Smart man, That’s the central storyline, but there are many other tangential stories going on that sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of them all, Keeping things grounded, however, is scenic designer Kuo-Hao Lo’s impressive set, which features three large homes on a street in ancient Rome, Each house is owned by gentlemen of some stature: Henpecked Senex (a marvelous Todd Wright), a doddering old man named Erronius (Steven Ho) and Marcus Lycus (Ray D’Ambrosio), whose house is actually occupied by courtesans, (It’s obvious what kind of a house Lycus runs because the front entrance is graced by two voluptuous female statues.)..

Senex and his shrewish wife Domina (a composed, tight-lipped Jenifer Tice) leave on a long journey to visit Domina’s mother, but when Senex returns early and finds Philia waiting at his home, he gleefully thanks the Gods (or “whoever”) for giving him such a lovely gift. Watching Wright marvel at his good fortune is by far the best moment in the show, and later, when his manservant Hysterium (solid Mike Meadors) tells him that Philia is the new maid, Senex offers up one of the top Stephen Sondheim songs in the show: “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid.” Happily, it’s a song whose chorus gets repeated several times as, one by one, Pseudolus, Lycus and Hysterium all join in.

While there are parts of “Forum” that may be unfamiliar to many theatergoers, some jokes never get 10mm brass ballet slippers (4 pcs) #2806 old, even when they’re, well, old, The aptly named Miles Gloriosus (Scotty Shoemaker, who is at his funniest when he’s feigning an outsized ego) commands Pseudolus to “Bring me my bride.” Pseudolus begs, “Let me say one word first.” Gloriosus answers, “One word …,what is it?” Pseudolus looks impishly at the audience and says “Intermission.”..

That’s about the funniest intermission announcement in theater. Later, when describing who he is, Gloriosus says smugly “I am my ideal. I am a parade.” Uh, right. While Hysterium has little to do in Act 1, in Act 2 he reluctantly disguises himself as Philia and then feigns death. Meadors makes the most of this scene, quickly alternating between being disgusted with the ruse and attempting to act coquettish. He succeeds at both. “Forum” has been around since 1962, and was made into a film in 1966, so it’s probable that younger generations today have never even heard of it (unless they have seen a community theater production of it). It won several Tony Awards including Best Musical of 1962, so obviously it has merit. But it hasn’t aged as well as a number of other plays from the same era, and there are few (maybe no) songs that are recognizable today.

Co-directors Milissa Carey and 10mm brass ballet slippers (4 pcs) #2806 Michael Ryken try hard to come up with ways to interest the audiences of today (including a couple of current references like “50 shades of …”), but it’s a hard sell, And, although the Sondheim’s score is sometimes charming — like the aforementioned “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid” and “Lovely” — at other times it sounds pretty ordinary, That’s the challenge for Katie Coleman, who directs a 10-piece orchestra through a lyrical overture and 13 songs..

Ryken is credited as choreographer, yet the dance numbers show little originality or verve. The “House of Marcus Lycus” number, in particular, is meant to showcase each of the ladies of the night dancing a specialty. Instead, some just looked awkward and self-conscious. Robert Horek’s vibrant Roman toga costumes are a definite highlight as are Andrew Heller’s sound and Michael Ramsaur’s lighting. On opening night, Smithwick Theatre was only about half full. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the run.

But Avenidas Capital Project Manager Lisa Hendrickson has another equally important task on her mind: How to make sure the older residents she serves have a place in a modernized city, “We think there is a value of having two faces, if you will, of this community center,” Hendrickson said of the main building constructed in 1927 and the proposed modernist addition, “We worry a lot about staying relevant and having a facility with the kind of modern amenities and technology 10mm brass ballet slippers (4 pcs) #2806 Boomers have come to expect.”..

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