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"Preppy Blue Flats" is printed on 5x7" or 8x10" bright white semi gloss archival card stock then signed in bottom right corner after purchase. Can also be purchased as a set of 8 4.25x5.5" note cards.Prints are packaged in cardboard backed cello sleeves and shipped priority mail in a sturdy envelope. Cards are packaged in cello sleeves.US Shipping only!Follow me on Instagram (@bethbriggsillustration) for daily inspiration!

They develop unique arrangements, imaginatively covering tunes associated with such artists as Lady Gaga, Gotye, Lorde, Daft Punk, Kanye West and even Ray Charles. Grassi says of the arranging process, “It really depends on the task at hand, but usually, if it’s for the album, we’ll sit down with one of our producers and arrangers, whose name is Ben Bram. He’s been with us from the beginning. We’ll sit with him, cut a vibe, throw out ideas and he’ll put it in his computer. But if it’s just the five of us, we sit in a circle and it’s a collaborative effort. We just throw out ideas and start with Avi [bass] and Kevin [beatboxer] as the foundation and riff over that and see if anything comes of it.”.

The group didn’t take for granted that their “Sing-Off” success would ensure stardom, “We were naive, We didn’t really know how the path art print - fashion illustration print - ballet flats - fashion art- preppy flats -watercolor shoes - glamour card- preppy art - was going to turn out, And there was a lot of rejection, A lot of people were like, ‘This is absolutely ridiculous, There’s no way you can make it as a pop group.’ But I think we’ve done really well for ourselves, We’re still pushing to be the best that we can be.”, After being dropped by Epic Records, Pentatonix became a YouTube sensation, their colorful videos going viral, Their career soared..

“We already had a leg up, because we had publicity from ‘The Sing-Off.’ But I think it was just a really eye-catching niche market, because nobody was really doing that a cappella thing at the time. We did the novelty thing, to garner attention, and it worked, it really did. Our strongest following is because of YouTube. So we’re so thankful for that. But it’s hard, because we want to grow away from being just a YouTube band. But YouTube is our home base. It’s where we get all of our publicity, honestly.”.

Marielle Wakim, on Huffington Post, art print - fashion illustration print - ballet flats - fashion art- preppy flats -watercolor shoes - glamour card- preppy art - “described Pentatonix as, “a formidable musical force, creating full, interesting arrangements that sound as good (and, on occasion, better) than the songs they’re covering.”, Signed to RCA, Pentatonix has been selling albums and EPs by the ton, even without radio support, Their “That’s Christmas to Me” was the fourth best-selling album of 2014, Gazing into his crystal ball, Grassi says, “I see us maturing musically, playing bigger venues and maybe doing some experimentation musically, It’s pretty limitless, That’s the beauty of a cappella..

“We’re gearing more toward original songs now, as we work on our upcoming album. But our fan base loves the covers. And we love doing them, so we definitely don’t want to stop.”. As far as what the audience takes away from a Pentatonix concert, Grassi says, “I feel like the reason we do what we do is so we can inspire others. If not even that, then to just give them an escape and raise their spirits a little bit.”. Grassi says, “It’s been super rewarding, reaching so many different types of people, inspiring musicians, a cappella enthusiasts and just growing our business.

But Broadway By The Bay’s production, running weekends through Aug, 30 at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, will likely be best remembered for introducing this Tony to Peninsula theatergoers, With Tom Cruise-good looks and an angelic voice, Nikita Burshteyn is the real deal, The instant he comes on stage and starts to sing, the audience knows he has that indefinable something special that could — and should — translate into a solid future in theater, He’s a natural actor as well as star-quality singer, and not too shabby in art print - fashion illustration print - ballet flats - fashion art- preppy flats -watercolor shoes - glamour card- preppy art - the dancing department, either, Lucky Maria, even if only for, you know, a very short while..

But the Amanda Folena-directed production isn’t just a one-horse show. It also boasts the terrifically lyrical ballet-inspired choreography of Jerome Robbins (and additional choreography by Nicole Helfer). The muscular Jets and Sharks men know their way around a ballet barre, which makes several of their numbers (the “Prologue” in particular) so poetic it’s sheer pleasure to watch. That’s the way Robbins wanted it. And with Leonard Bernstein’s soaring score, loaded with such memorable songs as “Somewhere,” “Tonight,” “Maria” and “One Hand, One Heart,” every piston has to be hitting to make this musical sizzle. It does, thanks to not only a number of top-notch voices and a solid orchestral effort lead by musical director Sean Kana.

In case anyone is unfamiliar with “West Side Story,” it’s the retelling of the classic William Shakespeare play, “Romeo and Juliet.” But now the setting is a rough, blue-collar neighborhood of New York City in the 1950s, The Jets are the local street gang, now being threatened by the emergence of the Sharks, who are mostly newly arrived from Puerto Rico, There are so many shiny art print - fashion illustration print - ballet flats - fashion art- preppy flats -watercolor shoes - glamour card- preppy art - nuggets of talent in this large (41-person) cast that it’s difficult to single out only a few, As Maria, Samantha Rose Cardenas looks sweet, innocent and trusting, and it’s surprising to hear such a strong voice coming out of such a diminutive package, Her brother, Bernardo, leader of the Sharks gang, is realistically portrayed by Alex Rodriguez, who recently stood out as Che Guevara in the Broadway By The Bay production of “Evita.”..

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