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Our Ballet Girls clipart set comes with 29 unique clipart graphics including Ballet Girls in three dance positions in each hair color, Butterflies, Wand, Ballet Shoes, Stage, Bunting, Trim plus Digital Papers.You can find all of our ballerina clipart & papers here: FORMATS: ❣ High Resolution PNG format (transparent background) digital clipart - 6 inches at tallest/widest❣ EPS vector format digital clipart (for use in Adobe Illustrator) - these vectors can be recolored and you can choose to adjust to any size in Illustrator❣ High Resolution JPEG format digital papers - 12 x 12 inches-Files are available as instant download. You will receive a link to download your files once payment is received (within 15 minutes). An email automatically goes out to the email address you have on file with Etsy with your download links. Don't forget to check your spam folder!-Watermark will be removed in the files that you receive.-------------------------------------------------------------------------LICENSE INFORMATION:❣ Personal Use & Non-Profit Use License INCLUDED with this clipart set. YOU MAY use our graphics for any personal or non-profit project as long as No Profit is made by any individual. YOU MAY NOT share, resell or redistribute our graphics.❣ Small Business Commercial Use License INCLUDED with this clipart set if you will produce less than 500 copies of any product created from a single clipart set. Please see our full Terms of Use here for allowable uses:❣ Mass Production or Wholesaler Commercial License - if you will produce more than 500 copies of any product created from a single clipart set contact me regarding our Mass Production Commercial License.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All images are © 2015 Snapdragon and Finn Clipart.JOIN OUR MAILING LIST: For monthly freebies, exclusive discounts and sale notifications:

Autobiographical in nature and unconventional in structure, this is the story of Marlon Brando — not as the world saw him but as he saw himself. Written, directed and edited by Stevan Riley, “Listen to Me Marlon” wouldn’t exist without hundreds of hours of audio recordings that the actor made over his lifetime — tapes never heard publicly until now. Ranging from ruminations on acting and life to thoughts about specific roles and even attempts at self-hypnosis, “Listen to Me Marlon” reveals Brando to have been almost painfully sensitive and self-aware, an intelligent man who could be piercingly candid.

Complementing the audio are a wide selection of clips from more than a dozen of Brando’s films and a carefully curated collage of home movies, newsreels and TV interviews, We see color footage of Brando touching up his makeup on the set of “On the Waterfront” and an excruciating 1955 appearance with his father on the Edward R, Murrow-hosted TV show “Person to Person.”, And because Brando had his face digitized in the 1980s, we get a digitized version of him reciting the “sound and fury signifying nothing” soliloquy ballet clipart, ballerina clipart, dance clipart, vector ballet clipart, ballet digital papers, commercial license included from “Macbeth.” “You watch,” he says impishly to his fellow performers, “Maybe this is the swan song for all of us.”..

A revelatory, strikingly emotional look at a complex, troubled, enormously gifted man, “Listen to Me Marlon” is not presented in strict chronological order. It starts with perhaps the most devastating event in his life, the killing of his daughter Cheyenne’s boyfriend by Brando’s son, Christian. “Misery has come to my house,” Brando says in a startling public statement. “It’s been a struggle to try to preserve sanity and a sense of reality that’s been taken away from you by success.”.

“Listen to Me Marlon” offers proof, despite occasional outbursts ballet clipart, ballerina clipart, dance clipart, vector ballet clipart, ballet digital papers, commercial license included to the contrary, of how much Brando cared about acting, how seriously he took it, how consumed he was by getting it right, The actor speaks passionately of wanting to “change the motion picture to something nearer the truth,” describes living with paralyzed war veterans for three weeks to nail down the nuances of his performance in “The Men” and talks admiringly of ballerina Galina Ulanova, who said, “If I could dance for one minute perfectly, that is all I’d ever ask.”..

Yet the actor’s ambivalence and cynicism about his profession, also gets its due. He says acting is lying for a living, proclaims he could have been a con man and insists “there are no artists, there is no art. It’s money, money, money. If you think it’s about something else you’re going to be bruised.”. Again and again, he returns to the miseries of his childhood, his brutish father and the alcoholic mother who died when he was young. “If you’ve never been loved, you don’t know what it is,” he says.

Attention is also paid to Brando’s passion for the civil rights movement and the plight of Native Americans, “I’ve always hated people trampling on other people,” he says, Toward the end of his life, the actor came to see himself as “someone who’s taken too many punches, I don’t want to be hit anymore.” And yet he did seem to find a kind of peace about his profession, “Acting is just making things up,” he says, ballet clipart, ballerina clipart, dance clipart, vector ballet clipart, ballet digital papers, commercial license included “But that’s OK.”..

“There’s a renaissance in Seacliff,” Supervisor Zach Friend. “These improvements were always envisioned but are now coming into fruition.”. Monday marked the groundbreaking ceremony for the future Seacliff Village Park off State Park Drive, at Sea Ridge Road and McGregor Drive, which is expected to open in late fall. The park is the celebrated culmination of neighborhood efforts that began in 1997. “I’m just thrilled. This is a dream come true,” said Pepper Golesh, who helped spearhead the cause. “It took the tenacity and the fortitude of ordinary citizens who didn’t have the background to do this.”.

Residents organized as the group “Seacliff Needs a Park,” or SNAP, with the Seacliff Improvement Association, launched a grassroots campaign to prevent commercial development on the property, once considered for a ballet clipart, ballerina clipart, dance clipart, vector ballet clipart, ballet digital papers, commercial license included 31,000-square-foot shopping center, Although Seacliff voters narrowly rejected a 2005 tax measure to buy the site, state money came through that allowed the county to move forward with the acquisition in 2007, Now the 1 1/4 -acre park, which will cost more than $1 million, is expected to open late this fall, with a lighthouse-theme play structure, a picnic and skate area, an amphitheater, drought-tolerant landscaping and open space..

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