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Oil painting, Canvas One of a kind artwork Size: 50.8 × 66.04 × 3.81 cm (unframed) This artwork is sold unframed Signed on the front“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”― Erol OzanAs a life long fan of the ballet I wanted to create a series of paintings based on my colleague, and a professional dancer. In particular I was determined to capture both her grace and her strength. I didn't want to paint an ultra thin delicate flower, I wanted to show the power and emotion she is able to generate with the body.Here she is half covered in shadow, the light highlighting her contours and features. It's also a painting which shows how relaxed and emotive her face remains, even though her body is been pushed to it's limits.

“What I love about storytelling is being able to touch people and have them come up after a show, people who are completely different from me, telling me how closely they identified with what I was saying or singing. It’s all about finding this common human experience, finding connections.”. As for her aspirations — “Lord knows, I would love to EGOT, which is an Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar and Tony. “I like to set my goals really high,” she says, laughing. “No, I would love to have a career out of it, but it if that doesn’t happen, I’m fine just telling my stories and working with really great people, like I am in the Christmas show.”.

Because more than 7,500 drivers pre-ordered Snoopy license plates by Wednesday, an endowment kicked in that ultimately could rake in up to $10 million over the next decade for members of the California Association of Museums, But just as exciting, ballet painting, original artwork, wall art ready to hang, perfect gift for her, christmas, by uk artist alex jabore it clears the way for the California Department of Motor Vehicles to put Snoopy on California license plates, “Sparky would think this was so much fun,” said Jean Schulz, using the nickname of her husband, the late Charles M, Schulz, the creator of the “Peanuts” comic strip..

“He took his strip very seriously,” Schulz said of Charles, who died in 2000. “He worked on it every single day. But he also understood that it was a comic strip and not life and death, which I think was a healthy attitude.”. The classic comic strip features Lucy, Schroeder, Franklin, Woodstock, Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown, but the biggest star may be Charlie’s rambunctious dog, Snoopy, who will be dancing on the left side of the new plates. The DMV is making the license plate available to all motorists for just $50 while personalized Snoopy plates will cost $98. Because the funds are going to a nonprofit, museum officials say the extra cost can be written off as a tax deduction.

Anyone who puts in an order for a “Snoopy plate” through Friday — thus earning a Beagle Backer Pass worth nearly $1,200 — earns a variety of free admissions to more than 85 museums for a year, The hope is that each year, thousands more drivers will see and be delighted by the sunny plates and order their own, If the Snoopy license plates become as popular as expected, state museum officials estimate, it can bring in up to $10 million for their cause, Sales from the cartoon plates will support a competitive grant program administered by the California Cultural and Historical Endowment for 1,400 state museums, a broad definition that includes history museums, zoos, aquariums, children’s museums and science centers, Some of the participating museums include: the ballet painting, original artwork, wall art ready to hang, perfect gift for her, christmas, by uk artist alex jabore Museum on Main in Pleasanton; the Tech Museum of Innovation; the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville; the Palo Alto Art Center; the Habitot Children’s Museum in Berkeley; the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco; Agricultural History Museum in Watsonville; the Blackhawk Museums in Danville; and the Campbell Historical Museum and Ainsley House in Campbell..

Celeste Dewald, executive director of the state museum association, said the original plate idea goes back more than 13 years, when Jean Schulz was doing the work of building the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, which opened in 2002. “Jean found out firsthand how much work museums take and how hard they are to sustain,” Dewald said. “She saw the plates as a way to support the museum field statewide.”. While fees will be collected by the DMV (not by the Schulz organization) the Schulz estate — which jealously guards all “Peanuts” imagery worldwide — made a major donation to the process by approving the use of the famed beagle with the cinematic imagination.

David Zhu of Saratoga and Evani Radiya-Dixit of San Jose presented their prize-winning work at the Siemens ballet painting, original artwork, wall art ready to hang, perfect gift for her, christmas, by uk artist alex jabore Competition in Math, Science and Technology hosted at George Washington University Dec, 4-8, earning fifth-place honors, “We really didn’t know how we would rank because all of the projects were so good,” said David, a 16-year-old junior at Harker who has aspirations of pursuing a career in computer engineering, “It was a really exciting opportunity.”, In their project, titled “Automated Classification of Benign and Malignant Proliferative Breast Cancer Lesions,” David and Evani developed a machine-learning algorithm, an algorithm that learns from data and can diagnose a breast cancer tumor as either benign or malignant from a biopsy image, This development appears to have far-reaching implications; for one, it can help improve the accuracy of breast cancer diagnoses, potentially reducing disproportionate treatment..

“This model can reduce the chance of misdiagnosis and ensure that patients at risk of breast cancer will get the proper treatment,” said David. David and Evani worked on the project for one year, doing the bulk of the work mostly over the summer at a lab at Harvard Medical School in Boston. “I wanted to apply my knowledge of computers to a field that’s actively being explored and I thought since cancer research is a really hot topic right now, it’d be great to apply my knowledge to cancer and breast cancer,” said David.

The most challenging part of the project for the duo was designing the algorithm so it would achieve a high accuracy rate of cancer diagnosis and making sure they remained unbiased, so that their results could be replicated, Outside of school, David participates in tennis, basketball and dance and plays piano and percussion instruments, ballet painting, original artwork, wall art ready to hang, perfect gift for her, christmas, by uk artist alex jabore His role models are Steve Jobs and Alan Turing, Two years ago he competed in the Northern California State MathCounts, a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics competition..

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