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This is a machine embroidery design digital pattern/file to be used with your embroidery machine. This is a digital download of the image listed here.***This is not a patch. It is Digital file. You must have an embroidery machine to work with these files.***SizesSizesHoop Size - 5" X 7"Stitch Height X Width - 3.99" X 1.86"Stitch Height X Width - 101.47 mm X 47.33 mm Stitch Count - 8172***Formats - ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PEC, PES, SEW, XXX ***1. Honeysuckle (1107)2. Baby Pink (1120)3. Pink Lemonade (1016)4. Honeysuckle (1107)5. Pink Lemonade (1016)6. Baby Pink (1120)7. Honeysuckle (1107)8. Pink Lemonade (1016)9. Saddle Brown (1336) ***PDF file(s) with the stitch and colors data is attached along with the design files and is available for instant download after purchase.***©Copyright 2017 by Hopscotch.You may use our designs to make finished items for personal use, gifts and finished products you sell.You may NOT, under ANY circumstances share, copy, trade, exchange, or resell this design in part or whole in ANY format. Reselling this digital design is against the law.All Designs listed and shown are copyright of Hopscotch.Hopscotch cannot be held responsible for the quality of any design that has been edited or altered in anyway. We strongly suggest you sew a sample of a scrap of fabric or the same or similar type before embroidering on the final product.Hopscotch will not be held liable for any monetary losses or consequential damages as a result of using this design.

From his childhood on, Kingsley, 71, became fascinated with observing patterns of human behavior. “I am a portrait artist,” he says of re-creating human behavior on screen and on stage. And he has been creating a lot of portraits of late. Kingsley has a small but fun role as Damian, an ambitious, ruthless real estate mogul who’s dying of cancer, and shells out millions to have his consciousness transferred to the body of Ryan Reynolds in the thriller “Self/less.”. He also starred July 19-21 in the premiere of the Spike TV miniseries “Tut,” playing King Tut’s adviser, Vizier Ay, who has aspirations of his own to become pharaoh.

And Kingsley reunited with his “Elegy” co-star Patricia Clarkson and director Isabel Coixet to make the romantic comedy-drama “Learning to Drive,” scheduled to open in theaters Aug, 21, In this film, Kingsley gives ballet shoes - en pointe - machine embroidery, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery files a quiet, nuanced performance as a Sikh driving instructor in Manhattan who teaches a middle-age author how to drive, He describes the film as a “dance between two strangers.”, As if that weren’t enough, the actor also is starring in director Anton Corbijn’s forthcoming “Life,” and in Robert Zemeckis’ “The Walk.”..

During an interview in Beverly Hills, Kingsley is gracious and friendly, but also has an intensity and focus to him. He speaks of having a “fragment, a little saying, in my back pocket when I am performing a role.”. When he played Otto Frank in the 2001 miniseries “Anne Frank: The Whole Story,” that fragment — the scenario in mind that guided him through the film — was: “A little girl is at school, and her father comes to collect her at school, and she turns to him and she turns to her friends…” He stops talking and puts his hand over his heart. “It still affects me,” he says, his voice welling with emotion. “She points to him and says, ‘See that man over there? That is my dad.’ I invented that for myself to sustain me through the film.”.

When he met with Steven Spielberg before playing Stern in “Schindler’s List” (1992), Kingsley says, “I had one precious word in the back of my head, I said, ‘Steven, what do you want me to do? How can I help? What is my dramatic function?’ He said, ‘Conscience.’ ballet shoes - en pointe - machine embroidery, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery files I said, ‘Witness.’ We had almost the same word, I was the witness.”, Tarsem Singh, the director of “Self/less,” had planned to work with Kingsley a decade ago, but that project never came together, When this film came along, he approached the actor again..

“For somebody like that, who comes prepared like he does, you never need to worry,” Singh says, referring to the way the actor does whatever it may take to shape his character. “I used every scene that Sir Ben did. Everybody wants to be on their game when he is there.”. Kingsley is playing yet another father in “Self/less,” this time a selfish patriarch who spent little time with his now-resentful daughter, played by Michelle Dockery. Before he undergoes his consciousness transfer, he tries to make amends, but she refuses.

“There is unfinished business, Kingsley says, “He is very vulnerable, I did find that very appealing to explore.”, Ay ballet shoes - en pointe - machine embroidery, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery files in “Tut” takes on the role of patriarch after Tut’s father dies, while Tut is still a young boy, “I move into that vacuum, driven by ambition,” Kingsley says, “But again, what I think … colors that ambition, or clouds it or is parallel to it, is a huge amount of love for him.”, David Von Ancken, the director and executive producer of “Tut,” describes Kingsley as the “consummate chameleon,” someone who has the ability to play well even when he’s immobile, “Your eyes just fall on him when he does nothing.”..

The actor, Von Ancken says, would sit down next to younger cast members and ask them if they wanted to run lines. “Of course they said, ‘We would love to run lines,’ ” Von Ancken continues. “And he would start running lines for a scene that wasn’t playing for seven or eight days. He just raised the bar.”. The first day of working with an actor of Kingsley’s caliber can be intimidating, says Coixet, the director of “Learning to Drive.” “But since then, we have a very free and collaborative way to work. He has his ideas, and I have mine, and somewhere in the middle we agree.”.

Just a week and a few days after Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry became a father for the second time and the world met baby Ryan Curry, Ryan’s big sister, Riley, reclaimed her cuteness crown with a special version of the “Nae Nae” dance on her third birthday, Posted to Instagram by Riley’s mother, Ayesha Curry, the video shows Riley doing her best “Nae Nae” dance to singer Silento’s hit single “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” the song that inspired a million viral videos, Riley shot to stardom ballet shoes - en pointe - machine embroidery, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery files during the Warriors’ run to the NBA championship with several adorable appearances at her dad’s postgame news conferences and in social media mems, Report an errorPolicies and StandardsContact UsTags:BasketballGolden State WarriorsNBADaniel M, JimenezDaniel Jimenez is a digital producer who writes the daily Morning Report newsletter for the Bay Area News Group, He began working for the Alameda Newspaper Group in 2006, copy editing and designing pages for the Oakland Tribune and other daily papers, He moved to the breaking news team in 2013, reporting in Richmond and other communities, He moved to the digital production team in 2015, and also contributes dining items to the features section.Follow Daniel M, Jimenez@DMJreportsSubscribe Today!All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents!blog comments powered by DisqusGet Morning Report and other email newsletters..

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