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But Kepler said she still wanted to be among the demonstrators who assembled at the Lake Merritt amphitheater before marching to Frank Ogawa Plaza at 14th Street and Broadway. “This may be just a drop in the ocean,” Kepler said. “But I call it my antidepressant. I do it for myself. It makes me feel good.”. The governments of more than 190 countries are expected to attend the conference in Paris, where a main focus will be securing a first legally binding international pact for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Among the countries taking part will be the United States, nations from the European Union, India and China, all considered top polluters.

The conference will begin Nov, 30 and run through Dec, 11, While a huge march by supporters of an agreement planned for the eve of the climate conference was canceled by the French government following pair of ballet shoes necklace, 14k gold filled chain or .925 sterling silver chain, gold dance shoes or silver dance shoes the Nov, 13 terrorist attacks, the mood in Oakland was festive, Louise Chegwidden addressed the crowd before the march set off, holding up an inflatable beach ball with an Earth design, She asked people to pledge to protect the ball as they tossed it to each other on their way to Frank Ogawa Plaza..

“It’s a metaphor for the communal caring for the Earth,” Chegwidden said. Members of Calpulli Huey Papalotl, an indigenous dance group, performed and burned incense, while activists collected signatures on petitions against fracking or passed out fliers about the dangers of processing tar sands oil at local refineries. A coalition of more than 100 labor, environmental, faith and social justice groups supported the march and rally. “The climate crisis affects more than California. It affects our nation and the world’s many poor and working families who are now being disproportionately affected,” said Josie Camacho, executive secretary-treasurer of the Alameda Labor Council. “Unions must join with community and environmental activists to stop a world catastrophe. The actions we take today will determine the world our children and grandchildren will live in tomorrow.”.

Now in its 21st season, this variety pair of ballet shoes necklace, 14k gold filled chain or .925 sterling silver chain, gold dance shoes or silver dance shoes show is a cavalcade of music and dance featuring 30 vignettes that run the gamut from the devotionally virginal to the virginally bawdy, It is set to sounds that range from Bach and Schubert to Eartha Kitt and Lou Rawls, For curmudgeons, this is the kind of confection that will make them dash to the cabinet for a glass of hard cider, For sentimentalists and once-a-year balletgoers, this is the kind of wacky-earnest seasonal fare that may make them email their gift lists to Santa right after the show..

Company founder Michael Smuin, who passed away in 2007, was renowned for his contrarian ways, and “The Christmas Ballet” is his “touché” to San Francisco Ballet’s warhorse “Nutcracker.” Designed as a two-part program, this eveninglong spectacle reflects his aesthetic as aptly as anything he devised. Act 1, the “Classical Christmas” is the “nice” act — costumed in snow white and defined by pristine classical ballet vocabulary and decorum. Act 2, the “Cool Christmas,” is the “naughty” half — a riot with 1950s and ’60s pop-culture motifs. It is simultaneously bawdy and naive, sweet but suggestive, like a ’60s variety show. But rather than wayward librarians, “The Christmas Ballet” presents a sexpot gold digger, mugging mambo boys, Harry Potter look-alikes and swanky “working girls” using their legs to seduce.

One of the virtues of the variety-show format is that each year new pieces can be slipped in without major jolts to the show’s formula, This year, dancer Nicole Haskins, in her third season with Smuin, set the bounding, colorful “Joy to the World” — the Act 1 closer — on the company, And choreographer-in-residence Amy Seiwert, who already had a number of works in the lineup, this year premieres the charming pair of ballet shoes necklace, 14k gold filled chain or .925 sterling silver chain, gold dance shoes or silver dance shoes family diorama “Home for the Holidays,” replete with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge hanging above the action, which is sweet without being treacly..

Highlights of Act 1 include Smuin’s lovely “Veni, Veni Emmanuel,” where he’s created a basic series of elegant garland steps. Without fanfare or flash, it captures the pull toward community and our need for rites in the depth of winter. Other pleasures are musical, such as the song “Hodie Christus Natus Est” by Palestrina and the traditional Renaissance song “Riu Riu Chiu” from 16th-century Spain, suggestive, according to lore, of the sound of a nightingale or the more wily kingfisher.

Act 2 is where the night’s more ridiculous dances live, such as the “Blue Christmas” nod to Elvis, a dance so Jim Carrey-silly it verges on appealing kitsch, A more sophisticated bit of time travel takes shape with Smuin’s “Santa Baby,” which is so redolent of the late ’50s, it could be considered historical pop-art, Erica Felsch, now in her third year with Smuin, is the wonderfully sultry gold digger, her boa stretching the diagonal length of the stage, As the Eartha Kitt recording smokily enumerates the gifts she wants from her Santa (sable coat, convertible, platinum mine), Felsch gets comically buoyed along by a chorus of hapless men in fedoras pair of ballet shoes necklace, 14k gold filled chain or .925 sterling silver chain, gold dance shoes or silver dance shoes and black trench coats, (The company sold boas in the lobby during the Lesher Center run, extending the gold-digging sisterhood throughout the Walnut Creek theater.)..

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