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One design size - 2.90" x 3.86" 1 color, 4049 stitchesPDF worksheet includedMultiple Formats - PES VP3 HUS XXX DST PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital file used for machine embroidery. The file you download will be a ZIP File. You must be able to unzip it and know how to transfer the correct file format to your embroidery machine. Because this is a digital delivery format of the file there are NO REFUNDS. After purchasing this design, you will receive a email with a link to your Downloads page. I am not responsible for the quality of the design if you resize it, convert it, or edit it in any way. You may use these files to make physical items for personal use or to sell, but you may not resell or distribute the designs. STABILIZER & STITCHINGI always recommend using a minimum of a tear-a-way stabilizer on the back of the fabric and a solvy (water soluble) on top, both attached with a temporary fabric adhesive. Due to the differences in machines and set ups, ALWAYS do a practice stitch-out of the design before putting them on your project.If you have any questions please let me know before purchase. For more designs, please check out my shop for looking! :-)

“This is my wooden-headed friend, Cory,” Smith said. “He’s going to impersonate Oliver the owl.”. “Who?” Cory asked. Smith’s corny jokes got plenty of laughs, while Alma Romero’s colorful Mexican dance routine produced a hearty round of applause. “I learned to dance for this event four years ago,” Romero said. “It’s so nice because everybody enjoys my dancing. I enjoy it, too.”. “She’s the best nurse in the health center,” Terraces resident Florence Lambert chimed in. “She took care of my husband for four years.”.

That’s dance embroidery design, ballet ballerina embroidery design, girl embroidery design, 4x4 hoop multiple formats download the type of camaraderie event organizers were hoping to see and it extended to the trio who performed an instrumental version of Van Morrison’s “Moondance.” The trio consisted of Terraces’ transportation coordinator Victor Bejarano, his son and a Terraces resident named “Mr, Shoup.”, “It’s wild to see someone who drives the Terraces’ van performing,” resident Gloria Ellis said, “It’s great, I love that everyone’s included, especially friends I know.”..

Resident Ruth Fiore agreed. “It’s fun to see everyone showing off their talent,” she said. Fiore’s toes were tapping as she hummed and boogied to the music. The Dancing Divas from San Jose’s Southside Community and Senior Center brought their own brand of Americana to the show, line dancing to a medley of patriotic, Broadway and movie tunes. Another diva, opera singer Shulan Xiulan He from San Ramon, sang “Beautiful Dreamer” in Chinese, demonstrating that music is lovely in any language.

The luncheon and food festival that were held during the event reflected the day’s diversity theme as well, And although many of the dishes that were served are common around these parts–think chimichurri chicken and egg rolls–there was also something on the menu called mfumbwa, which is the Congo’s version of wild spinach, McKinney, meantime, summed up the day’s activities with words to ponder, “We could learn a lot from crayons,” she said, “Some dance embroidery design, ballet ballerina embroidery design, girl embroidery design, 4x4 hoop multiple formats download are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names and all are different colors, But they all fit nicely into the same box.”..

More than 30 movies from filmmakers representing 10 countries will receive their premiere screenings. The festival, presented by Diamond in the Rough productions, is meant to showcase movies that many wouldn’t get to see otherwise, especially on the big screen. Shows start at 6 p.m. Sept. 25 and run throughout the weekend at various times. Bluelight is located at 21275 Stevens Creek Blvd. Visit or call 408.255.2552 for ticket information. Tickets are available at and at the door.

The play picks up as Kennedy is reeling following the assassination of his brother and as the 1964 presidential election approaches, Audiences are invited to “rediscover the true American Dream through Kennedy’s victories and defeats.”, Tickets are available at, Works up for bidding in dance embroidery design, ballet ballerina embroidery design, girl embroidery design, 4x4 hoop multiple formats download the silent auction will be displayed Sept, 26-Oct.10, and live auction items will be on view beginning Oct, 4 and ending with a gala event on Oct, 24, Visit for start times and auction entrance fee information..

Choreographed by Cuban choreographer and dancer Alicia Alonso, the ballet about a young peasant girl who dies of a broken heart and then is summoned from the grave comes on the heels of the historic reopening of relations between the United States and Cuba after more than 50 years. Alonso first danced the title role in 1945 in Havana and has adapted the choreography of the classic ballet. Now she has handpicked Jose Manuel Carreño, Silicon Valley Ballet’s artistic director, to dance in select performances.

With her newest dance, dance embroidery design, ballet ballerina embroidery design, girl embroidery design, 4x4 hoop multiple formats download “Broken Open,” Choreographer-in-residence Amy Seiwert is ready to break boundaries with very physical moves that she believes advance dance a step further than the norm by using classical techniques in unexpected ways, Set to the cello and “found sound” music of Julia Kent, the piece is a bit out of line with the “dark, gloomy ballet” the choreographer says she is known for, “I used a joyful piece” of music, Seiwert said, “I thought, ‘It’s so damn happy; what do I do with it?’ I had to challenge myself.”..

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