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If you are looking for something special, then this beautiful ballerina doll is just what you are looking for. This cloth doll can be the best choice as a gift for a girl because she is a soft fabric doll made for gentle play, naps, and hugs. This ooak doll is best suited for children over 2 years old, but until your child is old enough this keepsake doll can be a wonderful girls room decor./SIZING/•She stands around 16 inches. /DETAILS/•This handmade rag doll is made out of cotton fabric and stuffed with synthetic fiberfill stuffing which is not chemically treated. •She has the natural skin tone.•Facial features are stitched by hand.•This beautiful cloth doll has light hair made of anti-pill fleece. She has removable headband.•This sweet fabric doll is wearing a beautiful black/white striped cotton dress and fox fur scarf. All of her clothes are removable.•She can be used for play as well as a room decoration.•All of my dolls are made by me from an original pattern that I created. Each doll is made with lots of love in a smoke-free home. /CARE INSTRUCTION/•Spot clean only. **** Please remember that some colors in person may slightly vary from photos****/ Check out my other listings / policies/ you have any questions please feel free to write to me. Thank you for stopping by! -Ivana-

“I had a toy guitar every year for my birthday until I was old enough to hold a real one, which was age 6,” he says. Ah, that first real guitar. Standring, now an acclaimed urban jazz guitarist, recalls what most fascinated him about it. “I remember it having a great smell,” he says laughing. “That’s about all I can remember, as a kid, just smelling the sound hole. I know that sounds weird. It’s things like that that get in your brain and you think, ‘Oh, this is interesting.’ And it sounds great. You make a sound. Then a chord. Then two chords.

“Don’t forget, we didn’t have a lot to do then, Right now we have all this distraction with the Internet and smartphones, But back in the day, to amuse ourselves, we basically had a record player, a TV set and any instrument we could grab.”, Raised on a farm in Buckinghamshire, England, Standring spent his childhood driving doll. ballerina with tutu and pointe shoes. handmade toy for toddler girl. unique birthday gift for dancer ballet aficionado dol tractors and feeding sheep, as well as plucking guitar strings, When he was 8, Standring was transfixed, watching Glen Campbell play a guitar solo on TV, The youngster’s first idol on the instrument was Jan Akkerman of Dutch band Focus, Later inspirations included Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford and Pat Martino..

“Their prescience came across on their records, all of those artists. They just spoke to me somehow, some way.”. Eventually, Standring developed his own voice. “I think it’s quite a subconscious thing. We are basically a result of our experiences and influences. It’s all an amalgam, a hodgepodge of stuff that we’ve listened to and loved. That’s all it is. “There’s actually not that much mystery to it. People like to think there’s a mystery to it. But the creative process is, basically, you sit down with an instrument and try and write something. Some days you can, and some days you can’t. And that’s about as deep as it goes.”.

He attended the London College of Music, ignoring his harmony and history classes and only attending his private classical guitar lessons, “Basically, I had an excuse to sit down and practice the guitar for three years and get good.”, Though he was featured in 20 live BBC radio broadcasts in the late ’80s, Standring moved to Los Angeles in 1991, What brought him to California?, “Fame and fortune, like everybody else,” Standring says with a laugh, “Also, I had spent 10 years, in the ’80s, trying to really get ahead and thinking that I would be much further along on the success ladder than I was, But looking back on it, I was actually a kid, not really understanding that you have to pay your dues, So doll. ballerina with tutu and pointe shoes. handmade toy for toddler girl. unique birthday gift for dancer ballet aficionado dol I was impatient and ambitious, and wanted to join the big leagues, and come out to the entertainment capital of the world, So I just did it..

“I knew it was going to be hard. I had basically told myself, ‘It’s going to be a lonely road for a few years.’ But I knew that I needed to do this. There were the poverty years. And then I had a break and everything was all right. But it took me about 10 years to really jump on.”. Standring released his debut album, “Velvet,” in 1994. His R&B-inflected hits include “Cool Shades,” “Hip Sway,” “I Can’t Help Myself” and “Oliver’s Twist” (from 2012’s “Electric Wonderland” album). “Bossa Blue” (from 2010’s “Blue Bolero”) was Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Track of the Year.

Standring has always infused his jazz sound with healthy helpings of funk and soul, On his latest album, “Don’t Talk, Dance!,” he pays even greater attention to the groove, Backed by some of L.A.’s finest musicians, and featuring a guest appearance from vocalist Lauren Christy, the record is captivating from start to finish, He not only played on the album, but also composed, arranged and produced it, He has doll. ballerina with tutu and pointe shoes. handmade toy for toddler girl. unique birthday gift for dancer ballet aficionado dol another new album due next spring, Each record takes Standring into new musical territory..

“During the months when I’m not writing a record, I think about what the next one should be. And when you start writing, that’s very often not how things come out. You can get a twinge of an idea and a kind of a direction, but at the end of the day, if something comes to you, you’ve got to grab it and follow that muse.”. On each album, Standring likes to merge a number of genres. “I’m very conscious of it. In fact, that’s what drives me. The idea of listening to what they call ‘smooth jazz’ just does not leave me excited in any way. But I will listen to orchestral music, I’ll listen to European drum-and-bass-driven chill or lounge music. I’ll also listen to old, straight-ahead jazz. It’s using those genres that excites me, putting different things together that wouldn’t normally be put together. And there are also DJ elements. I love all that, too. Put that all together with a bebop jazz guitar on top.”.

On those days when he’s trying to compose and nothing comes, Standring, 54, admits to becoming frustrated, “It gets harder when you get older, as you’ve written and recorded so much, because it’s very easy to write the same thing twice, I have doll. ballerina with tutu and pointe shoes. handmade toy for toddler girl. unique birthday gift for dancer ballet aficionado dol to filter myself, So these days, I might try to write 10 things before one thing comes out that’s got me really excited, And what does get me excited is some kind of a new twist on something that I haven’t done before, “It does get harder, But I also find that, by making myself write each day, you get on a roll and it comes easier, If all of a sudden I sit down and try to write and haven’t written in six months, inevitably, nothing will come out, But I know that’s going to be the case, And you just have to get on a roll and, within a few days, it comes back, In order to get something inspiring, I have to expose myself to inspiring things, which is generally making myself listen to music I haven’t heard before, hunting around for things like that.”..

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