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Our iPhone Slim Case combines premium protection with brilliant design. The slim profile keeps your tech looking sleek, while guarding against scuffs and scratches. Just snap it onto the case and you’re good to go.Extremely slim profile, One-piece build: flexible plastic hard case, Open button form for direct access to device features, Impact resistant, Easy snap on and off, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X cases support QI wireless charging (case doesn’t need to be removed).

Conversely, you can opt to have Twitter send the verification code to your smartphone via the official Twitter app. But I'd advise to use your phone number instead, as you can easily replace a lost phone and regain access to your phone number. Accessing the app you had installed on a lost device doesn't offer the same convenience. You'll receive a test text message, verifying that you have the right number added to your account. After indicating that you received the message, you're done setting up two-factor authentication.

The next time you try to log into the website, you'll use the same password you have now, but after entering it you'll be prompted to enter the code sent to your phone, There floral beauty iphone case will be times when apps and services aren't set up to deal with the added verification step properly, and when that does happen you'll need to have a random password generated to log in with, To get the temporary password, you'll need to visit your account's password settings page and click on the "Generate" button at the top of the page, Use this temporary password in place of your standard password when logging into the app or service..

This piece was originally published May 22, 2013, and has been updated. Twitter finally launched two-factor authentication to help you keep your account secure. Here's what you need to know to set it up. In an effort to add an extra layer of security to your Twitter account, take a few seconds out of the day and setup two-step verifications on your account. The added layer of security requires you to enter your password, and then a subsequent six-digit access anytime you try to log into Twitter. The short code is sent via text message to your cell phone, which means that any would-be hackers would need to not only crack your password, but to also have physical possession of your cell phone.

Enabling two-step verification on your Microsoft account will enable it across all Microsoft services that currently support two-step verification, like Windows, Outlook.com, Office, and SkyDrive, Here's how to get started, Step 1: Go to this Account Settings page, and look for both an email address and phone number under the section titled "Security info helps keep your account secure." If either piece of information is missing, click on the Add security info floral beauty iphone case link and follow the prompts, The SMS functionality of 2FA relies on your phone number being connected to your account, so don't skip it, Otherwise you'll need access to your email account to receive your secondary log-in code..

Step 2: Click on the "Set up two-step verification" link. Step 3: Follow the setup process until you reach the end, then click "Done." You may be asked to provide a verification code, sent to either your phone via SMS or to your alternate email address, before you can complete the two-step setup. Once it's complete, you should receive an email confirmation from Microsoft sent to your alternate email address. You can get security codes by email, phone call or SMS, but an even easier way is to use an authenticator app on your mobile device. Authenticator apps, like Google Authenticator, run locally on your device and work even if your device doesn't have an Internet connection. To use an authenticator app, you first have to pair it with your Microsoft account.

Step 1: Download the authenticator app of your choice to your device, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry users can use Google Authenticator, while Windows Phone users can use Microsoft Authenticator, Step 2: Go back to your Microsoft account security info page, and you should see a prompt to setup an mobile app, If not, click on "Set up identity verification app" link under the Identity verification apps section, Step 3: Launch your preferred authenticator app, then scan the bar code on the screen, Step floral beauty iphone case 4: When the security code appears in the authenticator app, enter it in the box, then click on the Pair button..

Once you've enabled two-step verification on your Microsoft account, logging in to your Microsoft services will require your account password and a security code. Fill out the required information (usually the last four digits of your phone number, or a portion of your email address) to trigger the security code being sent to your device. Otherwise, launch whatever app you used to set up verification codes (Google Authenticator, for example) and then enter the code in the text field. Lastly, some apps and devices don't support security codes. In those instances, you can go to the security info page and create an app password to log in.

Microsoft's two-step verification process will improve the security of your Microsoft floral beauty iphone case account, and we show you how to use it, Microsoft has offered two-step verification (2FA) process since early 2013, Also known as two-factor authentication or two-step authentication, the process strengthens your account security by requiring you to enter your password (step 1), then a security code (step 2), The security code can be sent to you by e-mail, SMS, phone call or you can use an authenticator app on your mobile device..

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