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This listing is ONLY for a sole upgrade for my popular ballet flats. The default soles I normally use on my flats is a rubber non-slip material, which is ideal for indoor areas, as well as dry outdoor surfaces. This upgrade is for a flexible, water-resistant fabric that has a coating of neoprene rubber applied to it. It is a unique fabric that holds up strongly to wear and abrasion while also offering grip and non-skid in both wet and dry conditions.Please contact me should you have further questions on this upgrade.

“Switch-Up Night” promises some curveballs as the celebs exchange their trusted pros for new ones, as dictated by the votes of the viewers. However, judging by the pairs, I suspect that the Powers That Be might have done a bit of rearranging, too. Personally, I think the “Switch-Up” is a poor idea, especially for the celebs who are just beginning to trust their season pros. So, it will be interesting to see which celebs benefit from a different teacher, and which ones hate the switch.

The celebs and Switch-Up partners (season partners in parentheses) are as follows, Nick Carter with Witney Carson (Sharna Burgess), Paula Deen with Mark outdoor rubber water-resistant soles (ballet flats upgrade) Ballas (Louis Van Amstel), Bindi Irwin with Val Chmerkovskiy (Derek Hough), Andy Grammer with Sharna Burgess (Allison Holker), Hayes Grier with Allison Holker (Emma Slater), Alek Skarlatos with Emma Slater (Lindsey Arnold), Alexa PenaVega with Derek Hough (Mark Ballas), Carlos PenaVega with Lindsey Arnold (Witney Carson), Tamar Braxton with Louis Van Amstel (Val Chmerkovskiy)..

By Paul Freeman. For The Daily News. Cold Blood’s Lydia Pense delivered one of the most powerful, intensely soulful voices of the 1960s San Francisco rock scene. Now in her 60s, she sounds just as dynamic. What’s her secret?. “Smoking, and drinking brandy,” says Pense, joking. “No, just trying to keep up with my grandson, I guess.”. Now a resident of Sunnyvale, she’s one of the survivors of the ’60s rock scene. “My dad used to take me to a lot of the gigs,” Pense says. “He didn’t mind me going out and playing with these bands. So I think I paid him back by just keeping it together, staying focused on doing what I loved doing, and not bringing any heartache to the family.”.

Pense was born in San Francisco, raised in the Sunset district until she was about 10, Then her father, a machinist, got a job at Ampex and the family moved to Redwood outdoor rubber water-resistant soles (ballet flats upgrade) City, A fan of little country powerhouse Brenda Lee, Pense also listened to her older brother’s R&B records, In 1958, her father brought him a tape recorder, “I remember playing Elvis Presley and Bill Haley, ‘Rock Around the Clock’ and all that stuff, I’d record my voice singing along with the records, My dad taught me how to run the thing, And that was my toy, I’d come home from school and I’d just fool around for hours with the recorder, We had a Shure microphone and the stand, the whole thing.”..

Pense watched “The Hit Parade” on TV and bought magazines that offered song lyrics. There was always music in the house. “My dad, he played everything. He made the speakers actually, so that he could jack up the sound. He’d be the one what would turn up the volume on everything,” Pense says, laughing. “I listened to a lot of Bo Diddley, Ray Charles, Frankie Lyman, Fats Domino, all those guys. You’d listen to the radio, you’d listen to KDIA and KSOL, the R&B influence was just there.”.

In 1963, while at Sequoia High School, she joined her first band, The Dimensions, Her dad used to drive her to rehearsal, because she didn’t have a license, The group played dances at Peninsula recreation centers, Another band that featured Pense as vocalist, The Collage, built a following, Bill Graham came down to their drummer’s house to hear them, “That was, like, ’66, I’d just graduated from high school, So you can do the math,” Pense says, laughing, “Graham came over and he liked the band, He took me aside and said, ‘You outdoor rubber water-resistant soles (ballet flats upgrade) know, you ought to be off on your own.’ I just took it with a grain of salt, I always liked the band.”..

Pense’s bands played venues like The Fillmore, Winterland and The Carousel. Then came the group known originally as The Invaders, then The New Invaders, The Generation and, finally, Cold Blood. “It was really something different, because we had, like, four horns. That gave it that big-band kind of R&B sound.”. With no monitors back in those days, Pense had to raise her vocal intensity level to hear herself through the speakers. “You had to compete with everybody else in the band, volume-wise. It was hard. I was really putting my voice out there. Eventually, I got nodes on my throat, where I got hoarse a lot. So I had those scraped. Now they probably use lasers. The doctor said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t talk for a while.’ So I got that all healed up. And I said, ‘That’s it, man. If you can’t hear me, I ain’t screamin’ no more.’ And the nodes never came back.”.

There weren’t many females fronting rock bands in those days, “Everybody used to compare me and Janis Joplin, But we’re two different voices, really, I met Janis, She was pretty cool, She invited me to a party, I remember one time, but we had to leave on the road the next morning, so I said, ‘I don’t think it would be a good idea to go,'” Pense says with a laugh, Graham signed Cold Blood to his label, Pense saw flashes of the impresario’s temper, but says, “He was a outdoor rubber water-resistant soles (ballet flats upgrade) sweetheart, man, Look what he did, He brought music to people, all different types of music, On the same bill, same night, you could listen to anything from big band to swing to whatever, I think that was really good for the kids to open up and hear different types of music, That’s what I miss about him.”..

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