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Personalized Ballet Necklace, Ballerina Pointe Shoe Necklace, Personalised Swarovski Birthstone & Initial Name Gift.❤ Ballet Shoe Charm: 8x24mm (small charm)❤ Necklace: 16 inches (40cm) or 24 inches (61cm) - select length from drop-down menu❤ Initial charms A-Z: Silver Tone, vary in size - please see photos with tape measures.❤ Genuine Swarovski® Crystal: Silver Plated, 7mm wide❤ Please scroll through the photos to see the back of the charms and also see the size scale of the charms in a hand. ❤ This necklace can be personalised with or without your choice of initial charm and Swarovski crystal. These are birthstone crystals but if you don’t like your birthstone colour why not personalise your necklace with the colours of your favourite sports team, or the house colours of your school (or wizard school!) or simply with your favourite colour instead. If you need any additional letters or crystals you can find them here: ❤ Letters:❤ Birthstones:❤ Ordering multiple items? You’ll only be charged shipping on the first item in your order, additional items ship for free!I make a large range of necklaces and keychains, view the full range here: necklaces make a unique graduation gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift, congratulations gift, new home gift, and just about any occasion you can think of. They are great personal gifts for Mom/Mum, Dad, Grandfather, Grandmother, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, a teacher, student, best friend, and anyone special in your life. Each item is handmade in England and therefore ships from the UK (first class for UK mail and standard airmail for international mail). For international orders that are time sensitive please note that most deliveries arrive within a couple of weeks but delays can happen and for this reason it is recommended to allow six weeks for delivery. Due to small parts these items are not intended for young children.

Now, with the Jan. 29 release of Puth’s debut album, “Nine Track Mind,” the singer is hoping his broad base of admirers will help him launch a career like that of Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake, two name stars on whom kids and their parents agree. “Nine Track Mind” should please both groups with catchy, cheerful tunes like “One Call Away” and big, simple melodies that show off his sweet tenor. In addition, the album (much of it was produced by Puth himself) has inventive arrangements and vivid turns of phrase. Witness the propulsive “My Gospel,” about the lengths to which he’d go for a lover, and “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” a sensual duet with Selena Gomez.

Puth, a New Jersey native who studied jazz piano and music production at the Manhattan School of Music and Boston’s Berklee College of Music, made a name for himself writing and producing for artists such as Trey Songz and Jason Derulo, He wrote “See You Again,” heard in the movie “Furious 7,” as a tribute to the film series’ late star, Paul Walker, thinking someone else would sing it, Still, he didn’t want to stay hidden in a studio, Program director John Ivey at radio station KIIS-FM recalls being personalized ballet necklace, ballerina pointe shoe necklace, personalised swarovski birthstone & initial name gift introduced to Puth by the singer’s manager at a quiet Italian restaurant in Westwood, “Charlie sits right down next to me and starts belting out the hook to ‘One Call Away,’ ” Ivey says with a laugh, “He’s got a big personality, and he’s willing to share it.”..

Things have moved quickly for Puth since the release a year ago of “Marvin Gaye,” his debut solo single. (That title, by the way, turns the soul legend’s name into a verb, as in: “Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on.”). At his house, he seems entirely comfortable amid a blur of handlers while preparing to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” But he also looks at songwriting with mathematical precision, considering the importance of where long notes are placed in a melody, and how a song can be damaged if the tempo’s off by just a few beats per minute. He also knows that lacing youthful tunes with hints of vintage styles can broaden his audience.

And Puth isn’t afraid to soak up inspiration wherever he finds it, Recounting his writing of the song he does with Gomez, he pulls out his smartphone to play a recording of the moment when the melody came to him while driving past the Santa Monica Pier, Gomez’s vocal for that track, he says, was laid down not in a fancy studio but in Puth’s bedroom closet, amid a bunch of shirts on hangers, “That sounds creepy, but the acoustics were great,” he says with a shrug, He understands that technical music considerations won’t be of personalized ballet necklace, ballerina pointe shoe necklace, personalised swarovski birthstone & initial name gift interest to the fans he hopes will power “Nine Track Mind” up the charts, Mike Caren, who oversees A&R at Puth’s label, Atlantic Records, calls the singer “part of that 1 percent of musicians who hear things differently,” adding that Puth “isn’t motivated by the same things everyone else is motivated by.”..

“If you go looking for something to parody, it’s not going to be genuine,” says Wayans in an interview. “Something has to hit you, and once you start putting your pen to pad, it’s just joke after joke after joke. Before you know it, you have a movie.”. A few years ago, curiosity about the fuss over E.L. James’ erotic best-seller “Fifty Shades of Grey” prompted him to pick the book. He decided that Harlequin-romance-meets-S&M novel about a billionaire who draws an innocent young ingenue into his kinky world was ripe for an over-the-top spoof.

“Sex and comedy go hand in hand,” he says, “Sex is something everybody does, and every comedian has five to 20 minutes of sex material, About that final ingredient, suffice to say that, after seeing his latest film, “Brady Bunch” fans may never look at Florence Henderson again in quite the same way, Wayans, who plays the perv/business personalized ballet necklace, ballerina pointe shoe necklace, personalised swarovski birthstone & initial name gift titan role opposite Kali Hawk, hopes to cash in on part of the success of last year’s big-screen adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which raked in more than $500 million..

But the ultimate aim, he says, was to make a film that would work whatever viewers may think of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” “I want the movie to be funny to anybody who watches it,” says Wayans, who also revisited erotic thrillers like “91/2 Weeks” and “Indecent Proposal” for inspiration while honing the “Fifty Shades” script with writing/producing partner Rick Alvarez. Jim Abrahams, a co-writer of the screenplays for “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun,” says, “The ultimate target of spoof is to allow us all to laugh at things that we tend to take seriously. I think it’s a very healthy kind of humor when done right.”.

Wayans — who with Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, co-directed “Date Movie,” “Meet the Spartans” and “The Starving Games” — grew up in the ’70s personalized ballet necklace, ballerina pointe shoe necklace, personalised swarovski birthstone & initial name gift and ’80s during the golden age of spoofs, which ranged from “The Kentucky Fried Movie” to “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” to Mel Brooks classics like “Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein.”, “My brothers took me to ‘Airplane!’ when I was like 8,” says Wayans, whose first big-screen appearance was in the 1988 blaxploitation spoof “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” written and directed by his older brother Keenen Ivory Wayans..

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