[Proteus] Proteus is a new programming language developed by SZP to solve many problems by using scripts; this language is powerful, flexible and very useful to write system utilities and batch programs. Proteus is also an excellent tool in the auto-id field, as a software for doing keyboard emulation, to create console applications to be used through a Telnet Server or to write smart print servers and other services to be run in the background.

Proteus stands for PROcessor for Text Easy to USe; actually, one of the fundamental point of strength of the language is being very easy to use; as opposed to other text processors, the syntax of a Proteus program is linear and easy to comprehend - even if you don't know the language, you can understand what the program is supposed to do and follow execution. Moreover, besides being useful for text processing Proteus can be used as well for manipulating binary files and solve thousands of other problems.

The main features of this language are:

Proteus, thanks to its powerful syntax, versatility and user-friendliness, is especially useful in fields like Auto-ID, where efficiency, productivity and flexibility are at a premium.

There are many different problems that Proteus can solve - a few examples:

Take a look at Proteus AllWedge for a ready-to-use solution;

  1. developing 16-bit programs, written through vintage Dos compilers (which slow down the server a lot);
  2. developing in Visual C++ (which misses a lot of high level functions);

it is clear that Proteus allows to decrease development time and obtain full 32 bit applications that use Microsoft® Data Access Components and all Windows™ features, consuming very little resources (see codqt.prt);

The Proteus language is distributed with an integrated development environment (Proteus Center), through which the user can develop new programs written in the languages Proteus and Proteus Plus. The use of this interface simplifies the task of writing scripts by offering these facilities:


Download the Proteus installer by following the link below.

Proteus 2 demo for Windows™
Data sheet

Prices and licences

The demo version of Proteus, which can be freely downloaded from this page, allow to run scripts for at most 3 minutes; this time is more than enough for many applications and will allow you to fully evaluate the product.

If you are interested in writing services, or console applications to be used through a Telnet Server, you can buy the registered version of Proteus, which is priced at 350,00 Euro + VAT (enquire for discounts when buying multiple licences). The registered version allows to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For further information, you can consult the online version of the manual

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