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Nude bridal or everyday ballet flats made with blush satin ribbons. The nude blush tone of the leather is a perfect balance between light blush and natural tones. • Standard fit & generally runs true to size• The design is super flattering on all feet shapes and sizes• Leather lining with leather soles (3mm) & anti slip rubber heels (6mm)• • • To make your ordering process easier, please read our FAQs, you'll find important information there about sizing, shipping, custom orders and more:• Our ballet flats are entirely handmade by us with the highest quality of ethically sourced leather• If you do not see your size listed at check out, you can contact us and we can make your pair to order. Our made to order shoes take 3-4 weeks (can be slightly longer during high season: March-July)• We ship globally. Estimated delivery times by location are listed in our FAQs, policies, and shipping section of each listingWe are a sustainable label, read about our story here: you want to double check your sizing, here is how to take your measurements:Trace your feet as follows: stand on a piece of A4 paper, circle your feet around with a straight standing pencil (without pressing too hard to the edges). Measure the distance between longest and widest points. Compare the measurements to the list below. It is best to measure your feet in the afternoon, when they are at their widest. Measuring width: Please note that the below measurements are of the soles of the shoe, in the uppers (inside the toe box) there is about 1-1.5cm more space. Often, you will find that your feet seem to be wider than our measurements. If they are no more than 1-1.5 cm wider than the measurements, you will fit perfectly in the standard width. In case you need any further assistance with determining the right size for you, please do contact us, we are here to help. Our sizes and precise outsole measurements:eu 35. us 5.5 l: 23 cm/9.05” w: 7.5 cm/2.95" (widest point)eu 36. us 6 l: 23.5 cm/9.25" w: 7.5 cm/2.95" eu 37. us 7 l: 24 cm/9.44" w: 7.7 cm/3.03"eu 38. us 8 l: 24.5 cm/9.6" w: 8 cm/3.14"eu 39. us 8.5. l: 24.9 cm/9.8" w: 8.2 cm/3.22"eu 40. us 9. l: 25.3 cm/9.92" w: 8.2 cm/3.22"eu 41. us 9.5 l: 26 cm/10.23" w: 8.5 cm/3.34"eu 42. us 10. l: 26.5 cm/10.4" w: 8.7 cm/3.42"eu 43. us 10.5 l:27.24 cm/10.7" w: 9 cm/3.46"For our detailed international sizing chart, please scroll down to our FAQs. CONTACT: via Etsy convo or Email: info [!at]

King also breaks from ballet norms by collaborating with musicians such as Pharoah Sanders, Zakir Hussain, Hamza El Din, Mickey Hart and others. While the world that materializes onstage echoes the couture runway in its beauty, the action is meant to be far more than a spectacle of eye-popping decor, costumes and bodies, or a pastiche of cultural influences. LINES Ballet director Alonzo King inserts spectral threads into virtually every work he makes, so that the toil of the body is made synonymous with the hard work of the soul. When we lose ourselves in the ethereal spectacle of the human forms — and we do — we are drawn into a world that is both platonic and all-too-earthly. King usually succeeds at this delicate balancing act, but Friday night revealed how fragile such a proposition is.

Opening a two-week run at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, LINES staged the premiere of its latest evening-length work, “The Propelled Heart,” where heaven and hell are evident right from the opening scene, Much of the program’s first half, in fact, leads us with exquisite dancing and poetic indirection into an awareness of both physical beauty and spiritual anguish, But this gets ruptured the moment the struggle is made literal, The work begins with four dancers sitting in a cone of warm light and fog, heads bowed, Together they crook their arms, collapse and reorient themselves, One by one, each rises to perform a the nude blush wedding ballet flats | bridal leather shoes with satin ribbons | nude with satin ribbons | ready to ship solo that serves to narrate an inner state, One dancer moves frenetically, with desperation, Another propels her arms like a machine, A third pulls invisible material from her mouth, A fourth cuts the air with her legs..

All the while, renowned singer Lisa Fischer — who was featured in the film “20 Feet From Stardom” and whose credits include backup with Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones and Luther Vandross — squawks and howls across octaves, as though echoing these spiritual states. Composer JC Maillard’s electronic composition rings with dulcimer, hang (a steel percussion instrument) and flute. Drawing from the teachings of Sri Yukteswar, mentor of Paramahansa Yogananda (whose philosophy King has followed for decades), the choreographer sets “The Propelled Heart” in what, according to Yukteswar, is plane 2 of a five-plane evolution. This means the dance occurs in a realm just up from the “dark” arena — the “propelled” realm — with the planes of “steady,” “devoted” and “clean” still to be achieved.

Nowhere is this poetic structure more arresting than in part 3 of the 16-part work, With the company assembled en masse, each dancer moves in a space alone, fashioning a hell-scape reminiscent of “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymous Bosch, As the dancers toil, Fischer wanders the stage playing the role of a kind of shaman, She sings, they halt; she ceases, the nude blush wedding ballet flats | bridal leather shoes with satin ribbons | nude with satin ribbons | ready to ship and they move, building a pattern of call and response, with Fischer as both witness and shepherd, But this structure evaporates when Fischer leaves free-form sound and takes up recognizable songs, including her Grammy Award-winning “How Can I Ease the Pain.” As our attention turns to the R&B lyrics, metaphor suddenly turns literal, and King’s layered realities collapse, Once that happens, the temporal and sentimental rush in, It turns out that even the “propelled” state is susceptible to slippage..

But a literalizing of the message doesn’t erase the glorious performances of the dancers. Two-year LINES veteran Babatunji Johnson has a physical genius that manifests itself in liquid falls and equally fluid assents and an overall bodily intelligence that is both daring and humble. Longtime dancer Brett Conway has returned, and his faun-like form similarly reaches past cliché. Kara Wilkes, Michael Montgomery, Adji Cissoko, Courtney Henry, Madeleine DeVries, Laura O’Malley, Shuaib Elhassan, Robb Beresford, Yujin Kim and Jeffrey Van Sciver also danced like angels at the Friday opening, caught in a garden of sorrow given shape by Robert Rosenwasser’s decor and costumes and Axel Morgenthaler’s sophisticated, minimalist lighting.

While the added security might be welcome, new cards could the nude blush wedding ballet flats | bridal leather shoes with satin ribbons | nude with satin ribbons | ready to ship mean more frustration and slower checkout lines during the bustle of holiday shopping, “The bricks-and-mortar retailers were already fighting an uphill battle against the e-commerce guys, so the last thing they need are more reasons for customers to be ticked off at them,” said Neil Stern, senior partner at Chicago-based McMillanDoolittle, One Wal-Mart executive said he expects widespread checkout problems and “anarchy” during the holiday season because of confusion over how to use the new cards, which must be “dipped” into the machine and left there for several seconds, as opposed to a momentary swipe..

While Wal-Mart was among the first to install and use new readers for chip cards and has become proficient over the past year, many merchants are just starting that transition and many consumers are baffled. Many shoppers have already witnessed the confusion at retailers widely accepting chip cards, perhaps at Target, Wal-Mart or Walgreens. It involves failed swipes, trying to follow the cashier’s instructions, fumbling with the card while trying to insert it correctly into the reader slot and remembering to remove the card at the end of the transaction.

“I’m a retail consultant, and I still put it in the wrong way and yank it out too soon,” Stern said, “It takes a long time for people to change habits.”, Even without confusion, the so-called push-and-pause method generally takes longer the nude blush wedding ballet flats | bridal leather shoes with satin ribbons | nude with satin ribbons | ready to ship than the swipe, Although that difference can be as little as about 1 second longer, a Wal-Mart spokesman said, “From a retailer standpoint, it’s really bad because it slows down productivity at the front end,” Stern said..

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