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The Office of Inspector General said it had not conducted any similar investigations at other national parks. The report focuses on allegations lodged against four NPS employees, identified as Boatman 1, 2 and 3 and Supervisor 1. Boatman 2 resigned in June 2006 after serving a 30-day suspension for taking a photograph under an employee’s dress. Boatman 1 resigned in July 2013 after a 2-week suspension for groping and propositioning an employee. Supervisor 1, who served a 10-day suspension a decade earlier for grabbing the crotch of a contract employee, retired in May 2015.

Boatman 3, who was known as a “womanizer” who propositioned employees for sex, is still employed by the Park Service but is restricted from participating on river trips, Doyle said, He acknowledged having consensual sex with women in the canyon, but told investigators he approached women only when he sensed a “mutual attraction.” One river district employee said Boatman 2, Boatman 3, and Supervisor 1 all tried to “get laid as much as possible” during river trips and that there 80s gray leather round toe block heel shoes slip-on ballet style cèline vibes trendy wendy vintage vtg was “some sort of wager , , , or challenge between the three of them , , , to see who would get laid the most,” investigators reported..

A woman and her supervisor claimed they were retaliated against after their complaints led to disciplinary action against Supervisor 1 and Boatmen 1 and 2. They were given two-week suspensions and their contracts weren’t renewed after Boatman 3 accused the woman of harassing him by “twerking” in his presence at a river trip dance party. Other employees selected by senior park managers to be interviewed, denied seeing any sexual misconduct on the river. One longtime friend of Supervisor 1 and Boatman 3 described them as “free spirits” who loved to “joke around,” and blamed the women for being “scantily” clothed, drinking too much and flirting with the men.

Bowie’s album “Black Star,” which was released last week on his birthday, skyrocketed to No, 1 on iTunes’ top albums and Amazon’s best sellers in CDs and vinyl, surpassing Adele’s “25.”, Four of Bowie’s albums ranked high on iTunes’ top albums Monday and fans were also downloading his 80s gray leather round toe block heel shoes slip-on ballet style cèline vibes trendy wendy vintage vtg 1960s song “Space Oddity” and music videos for hits such as “Let’s Dance,” “As the World Falls Down,” and “Dancing in the Street.”..

Record sales also climbed for such iconic musicians as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Bob Marley after their deaths, but with fans downloading or streaming music online, the postmortem earnings for Bowie came in an instant. “The motivation for people to listen and watch is one thing, but the accessibility is the big change we see,” said music industry analyst Bob Lefsetz. “If you have the urge, you can watch, buy and listen because we have unlimited inventory.”. Streams of Bowie’s music surged 2,700 percent since late Sunday night, according to Spotify. As of Monday afternoon, “Under Pressure,” “Space Oddity” and “Let’s Dance” were his most-streamed songs on the website.

The value of a painting jumps after an artist’s death and television networks run film marathons after an actor dies, but the consumption of music, Lefsetz noted, is a different experience — like sitting in a living room and hearing a person tell you their hopes, fears and dreams through song, “On a funeral, everyone rallies around the identity of the person who died, but when you come to music these people are icons 80s gray leather round toe block heel shoes slip-on ballet style cèline vibes trendy wendy vintage vtg who fill a hole in people’s lives,” he said, “Somebody once put it to me, Movies when done right are larger than life, Music when done right is life itself.”..

Business magazine Forbes expects that Bowie will make its annual list of the top-earning dead celebrities in 2016. Jackson, the King of Pop who died in 2009, topped that list in 2015, earning $115 million that year and more than $1 billion before taxes since his death. Elvis Presley came in second, followed by “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz, reggae legend Bob Marley and actress Elizabeth Taylor. Joshua Rubenstein, who heads the trusts and estates practice at Katten Muchin Rosenman in New York, said in an email that when an artist dies the demand for their work generally goes up because fans know that another album, movie or painting will not get created.

“In the music world, as opposed to the 80s gray leather round toe block heel shoes slip-on ballet style cèline vibes trendy wendy vintage vtg art world, that post-death fervor tends to die down after a few years, since musical tastes evolve so rapidly and there is usually an ever evolving stream of musical artists in the deceased artist’s particular genre,” he said, Only time will tell how long Bowie’s postmortem sales will last, said Rubenstein, who noted he was a big fan of the artist, Since 1991, Bowie has sold 7.4 million albums in the United States, according to Nielsen Music, His digital track sales totaled 6.7 million nationwide plus an additional 2 million sales of the 1980s hit “Under Pressure,” which was recorded by Queen and Bowie, Streams of his music reached 207.8 million through Dec, 31..

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