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This personalized dance necklace makes the perfect gift for any dancer. The 18" sterling silver plated chain has a dainty 2mm thickness. Dangling off of 4mm stainless steel jump rings are three charms. Create your own personalized look by choosing your dancers birthstone charm. If you would like the chain shorter than 18" please leave a note, with the desired length, in the note to Stylized Designs section at checkout. Charm Sizes:♥Silver Plated Ballet Slipper with Pink Rhinestone Charm (6mm x 22mm)♥Silver Plated I Love Dancing (14mm x 14mm)♥Birthstone Charm (6mm x 10mm)To see more of my Dance jewelry click the link below! ----Is your daughter a soccer player, tennis player, swimmer, or involved in another sport? I can customize this necklace for you! ----Large quantity discounts may be available, contact me for more info!~RUSH MY ORDER~Need your order in a hurry? Jump to the head of the line by adding this "Rush My Order!" item to your cart before checking out. Your order will be shipped the next business day; guarantee! Click the link below to rush your order.

David Weigert, 64, a mortgage loan officer who holds a degree in human movement and kinesiology, offers a weekly class to help seniors gain balance and strength and expand their quality of life. The class is called “YES,” short for Discover Your Energy System. The class is designed to increase energy levels and breathing capacity through movement. It also encourages seniors to set up a habit of drinking water throughout the day and to keep a positive self-attitude. “As a process of self healing, I became interested in teaching the class,” Weigert said. “We live very sedentary lives on the whole. The class is about teaching the right kind of movements.”.

Weigert suffered back pain and nerve pain, chronic issues he’s lived with for the last 20 years, The injuries arose from falling off his bicycle multiple times over the last 35 years, “My family has a history of heart disease, I’ve been bike riding and working out to stave that off,” he said, He used to ride 20 miles at a time, but now he’s down to five or six miles around Pacifica, He also maintains a workout routine at 24 Hour Fitness, To avoid surgery from those chronic pain issues, ballet slipper necklace, dance gifts, dance jewelry, ballerina necklace, ballet shoe he looked for alternatives, He saw a chiropractor, took acupuncture therapies, massage and physical therapy, The regimen worked, Intellectually, though, he knew he had to make a change in the way he moved, That is part of what he teaches the seniors at the community center..

“Most workouts are designed for athletes. I’ve come up with a system of exercise for improving quality of life as we age,” he said. In part, the class teaches seniors to restructure how they walk. New research reveals fewer injuries are suffered by striking the ball of the foot when walking. “When we dance, we are on the balls of our feet. If you fall, the other leg will be able to support you. I took some martial arts classes and I learned how to roll. In gymnastics, I learned how to roll out of a fall. A lot of people do face plants when they fall,” he said.

That is the basis of what Weigert teaches the seniors — how to develop upper body strength and how to roll out of a fall, “I am teaching them to reduce ballet slipper necklace, dance gifts, dance jewelry, ballerina necklace, ballet shoe their stress levels through meditation, Also, you become self aware with meditation, You are constantly paying attention to how you are breathing,” he said, The main issue with seniors, Weigert said, is that they are not drinking enough water and they say they don’t have enough time for exercise, but after just one class they see improvements..

“One man has been able to stand longer. Some said they went from having chronic pain to less pain or no pain at all. Others have improved their balance. A lot of the exercises are done in chairs for balance and exercise. You want to learn how to exercise during the day using what’s around you,” Weigert said. The goal is to prevent breaking bones if taking a fall or to prevent falling at all due to better balance and by staying healthy. YES is offered Mondays 10-11 a.m., at the Pacifica Community Center. The cost is $1 for senior center members and $2 for non members. Drop ins welcome.

In the aftermath of the tragic death of Errol Chang and subsequent conversations with you about the need for mental health professionals to assist peace officers in dealing with persons suffering mental illness, we would like to express our gratitude and congratulations for your handling of a ballet slipper necklace, dance gifts, dance jewelry, ballerina necklace, ballet shoe recent case of a mentally ill man in Pacifica, He has been known to many in the community which makes his illness dismayingly tragic, We learned that the officers who responded were accompanied by mental health professionals, His non-violent committal was a gift to his beloved family and neighborhood, This approach has been urged by Council Member Mary Ann Nihart and the undersigned faith-based community activists, This is the kind of community policing we truly respect and honor, We hope this will continue to be the approach in our community when persons with mental illness are in extreme crisis, We congratulate and offer words of praise for all who were involved..

Ellen Hage, Barbara Erbacher. Delia McGrath, Carolyn Jaramillo. I think it is time to change that attitude by seeing them answer or leave. Pacific Manor. more than money or fame. more than a “Highway to Heaven”. or another 7-ll. Some pray for rain, dance and. some shoot fireworks to shake up. some parade around with clowns. But I will clear off the porch. put out my buckets. not water the lawn or wash the car. and yes, even say a prayer. Let’s beat the drums. pray and meditate.

Rudy Colombini is a rarity among the genre of ballet slipper necklace, dance gifts, dance jewelry, ballerina necklace, ballet shoe singer-songwriters, His original compositions have achieved success while he also has become one of the most highly regarded frontmen in the tribute band world, In fact, as an uncommon sign of loyalty to his dual purpose bandmates, he includes the band’s name on his original recordings, Colombini’s twin talents can benefit concert promoters by supplying two acts for the price of one, But if you ask Rudy which stage persona he prefers, his passion is clear, “The originals are where my heart lies.”..

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