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Baby girl ballet flats booties, Big bow ballet shoes are simply an adorable choice for your little girl! These baby booties have a wide satin ribbon and large bow along the top of the shoe and a delicate little ivory flower sewn onto the outer edge. They make a beautiful choice for a baby shower gift or newborn photosShown in colors rosy and ivory, Alternate colors shown in last photo ♥♥♥

Danny Goggin’s “Nunsense” franchise has been turning heads and causing laugh sensations since it first began in 1985. Now, nine different “Nunsense” shows exist with several made into television shows and movies and any number of the shows performing throughout the world. In fact, the Czech Republic recently released the cast album of the “Nunsense” company in based in Prague. If you’ve seen any of the shows before, you’re in for a surprise with artistic director Clay David’s production. He has combined the original “Nunsense” with Goggin’s “Nunsense: The Mega-Musical,” which increases the cast from five to eight nuns, thus allowing for more lush harmonies, something David’s talented cast has no problem achieving.

The comedic, yet tenderhearted musical, follows the Little Sisters of baby ballet flats booties, big bow ballet shoes Hoboken as they try to solve a pressing problem, Their cook, Sister Julia — Child of God, has accidentally poisoned 52 of her fellow sisters with tainted vichyssoise, and they are in desperate need of funds for the burials, Against her better judgment, Mother Superior (a wonderful Suzanne Ochs) agrees to put on a variety show to raise the money, The formidable cast includes Ochs, who manages to be a leader with a heart not to mention a fine comedian when she tries Rush, a student’s confiscated drug, Donna Turner plays against her usual type and delivers a tough, streetwise Sister Robert Anne while also bringing a tear to the eye during her poignant rendition of “Growing Up Catholic.”..

Debra Harvey is a knock out as Sister Mary Hubert, especially on her dynamite rendition of “Holier Than thou” with Crystal Brown (Sister Mary Leo) and Holly Staten (Sister Mary Amnesia) adding their gorgeous voices to several songs. The fine vocals and comedic talents of Caroline Schneider (Sister Mary Luke), Liz Marsh (Sister Mary Sebastian) and Pamela Drummer Williams (Sister Mary Wilhelm) round out the cast. Choreographer Matthew McCoy put his creativity into high gear as he designed dance numbers for the eight women, one of whom is in a wheelchair and another with a foot injury, on Altarena’s intimate stage. The talented cast never misses a beat, however, as they execute McCoy’s choreography while utilizing the multitude of impressive props David designed.

The 20-year-old Milpitas native attended Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School and Thomas Russell Middle School before graduating from Milpitas High School in 2013, She was attending Ohlone College at the time of her death and working at Forever 21 at the Great Mall, Jennifer Perez, Bascos’ cousin who started a GoFundMe page to help out Danica’s parents, said her cousin was shy, sweet and very close to her parents, baby ballet flats booties, big bow ballet shoes Perez said Bascos’ parents, Daniel and Vangie, are “hanging in there, They worked hard to make Danica happy since she was an only child, They are still in shock and mourning..

“I’m going to miss everything about her. Her smile was contagious and she was so sweet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her mad. Danica will be greatly missed and as a family, we are trying to make this tragedy less painful than it has to be for her parents,” Perez said. She said Bascos had always been shy with her older cousins and mostly kept to herself, but made a lot of close friends in middle school and high school. “She visited the Philippines almost yearly. She was really close to her family in the Philippines because there wasn’t an age gap,” Perez said. “Something that surprised me about her was that she spoke the Ilocano language. Since she was the youngest out of the my mom’s side, I was surprised when she spoke it fluently.”.

Friends, classmates and family members took to social media to express their outrage, disbelief and grief at her loss, Edwin Evangelista Esliza posted on Facebook “We are deeply saddened by the tragic news about cousin Danica Corpuz Bascos’ untimely passing baby ballet flats booties, big bow ballet shoes … justice for your gruesome death … our condolence and sympathy to uncle daniel and auntie vangie … love and prayers from your Esliza family.”, Kayla Lindstrom, a friend of Bascos since seventh grade, said Bascos came out of her shell and blossomed during high school, She recalls meeting Bascos on the first day of physical education class at Russell when having to pick partners..

“Being both shy we were instantly drawn toward each other. As time went by we became close friends. … We had lunch together almost every day from seventh to 12th grade,” Lindstrom said. She remembers how the group of friends got bigger and would hang out on the steps of Milpitas High’s library during lunch. “Danica was loved by all, she had a caring and kind heart. She was always there when one of us had a bad day. My favorite moments were going to pep rallies together. We would cheer Danica on when she had a performance at the rally,” Lindstrom said. “Being that she was so shy nobody expected that she would want to dance in front of hundreds of her peers. But she did and she was great. I admired her courage, I wish I was more like her.”.

Lindstrom said Bascos was a fashionista who loved shopping at Forever 21 and was thrilled to get a job there as she figured out what she wanted to do after graduating, One of her supervisors at Forever 21, Rachel Diane Alonzo, said Bascos was quiet but very sweet when she opened up, She said Bascos never complained or caused an issue with her managers or coworkers, “I can’t be thankful enough to have had such a great friend, School for me was not easy, and she made it so much better, I will really miss her smile, it was genuine and sincere, She had a bright future ahead baby ballet flats booties, big bow ballet shoes of her and she was going to be successful in anything she set her heart on,” Lindstrom said, “Many people loved her and it was not fair that her life was cut short, I will really miss Danica and she will forever remain in my most cherished memories.”..

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