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SZP is an italian software house specialized in the production of software for creating and printing bar codes.
The range of our international products, which feature user interfaces and documentation in English language,  includes the following packages:  

[Proteus] Proteus® - a new programming language developed by SZP to solve many problems by using scripts; this language is powerful, flexible and very useful to write system utilities and batch programs. Proteus is also an excellent tool in the auto-id field, as a software for doing keyboard emulation, to create console applications to be used through a Telnet Server or to write smart print servers and other services to be run in the background. Proteus AllWedge® can be used to replace many hardware keyboard emulators in minutes.
xCODE® - a family of Dos-compatible, command line-driven barcode generators, which can be used with laser PCL and dot-matrix printers.
[xConsole] xConsole® - an Active-X control that allows to quickly develop console mode applications using common programming languages such as Visual Basic™, Delphi™, Visual C++™ and others. Console applications created by using xConsole® are full 32 bit programs, which exploit all the features of the Windows™ operating system and of the languages which host the control
[BCG] BCG® - a feature rich barcode generator for Windows that, besides linear barcodes, can create circular barcodes, which are suitable for labeling cd-roms and DVDs; BCG® is highly configurable and is the favourite program used by most rental machine manufacturers
[BCF] BCF® - a software package including a collection of TrueType™ barcode fonts and a Dynamic Link Library (DLL), which is used to translate text to barcode. The fonts included are standard True Type™ for Windows and allow the creation of barcodes in 26 linear symbologies, with or without check digit, in two heights and (for some symbologies) in different widths. An additional utility, BCF Assistant®, is also provided, for quickly creating barcodes to be pasted into other applications

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We also deliver custom solutions for integrating bar codes in your applications; contact us for further details.

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