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High quality Linen drawstring bag, printed using special sublimation ink and a heat press.Images will not fade and bag is washable at 30 degrees.Please take note of the size of the bag….Made from 100% high quality polyesterMade with a linen textureMeasures 30cm x 38cmCream Cord drawstring

During a dreadful three-month stretch, Lease surrendered to painkilling drugs while healing and then he went “cold turkey” off those drugs, an agonizing experience that “made my wife think I was going crazy.”. While that may be true, Lois Lease, Gus’ wife of 55 years, says her man possesses a sturdiness that allows him to live with pain but also helps him excel at whatever he undertakes. “A long time ago a friend gave me some advice,” said Lois, who married Gus in 1960 and became mom to his two young children — Brian and Vicky — who had lost their mom, Zoe Aileen, a fine pianist, to cancer. “He told me, ‘Gus is a racehorse. Don’t try to pull his reins.’ ” To Lois, that meant “let Gus run and he’ll win the race.” The couple also had a son, Jeffrey, a San Jose chiropractor.

While Lease was healing, his deepest fear was that he would no personalised girls drawstring bag, linen,dancer, ballet, dancing shoes, daughter, teacher, god-daughter, niece, sister gift longer be able to sing, But slowly, “I sang four measures, six measures, half a song, whole song ” he recalls of winning the race back to having a voice that has boomed the national anthem at statewide union conventions and nearly all SJSU homecoming games and graduations for more than 60 years, Today, after having offices all over the sprawling SJSU music and dance building, Lease is happy in a tiny space near an exit and his parked car, Still — walker in tow — he has to make it to the second floor and down a long hallway to teach twice weekly..

But few have turned as many heads as Emily Ratajkowski, the now 24-year-old model who danced topless alongside (the clothed) Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams in 2013’s “Blurred Lines.”. Her stunning appearance helped make the video one of the most talked-about of the past decade; it has been watched more than 400 million times on YouTube, jump-starting her career. Within months, she landed her first film role, in David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” playing opposite Ben Affleck as an enamored mistress.

The former Encinitas resident, now living in downtown L.A.’s arts district, stars in the electronic dance-music film “We Are Your Friends,” playing a 20-something who ends up dating the movie’s famous DJ, who is also her boss, Here are excerpts from an personalised girls drawstring bag, linen,dancer, ballet, dancing shoes, daughter, teacher, god-daughter, niece, sister gift interview with Ratajkowski, A We took something that, on paper, sounded really sexist and misogynistic and made it more interesting — which is why women love that video and why it became a viral success, There’s an attitude and energy there that go beyond girls shaking their ass around suited men, a confidence that, I think, is refreshing, We don’t have any images of nude women — other than in really beautiful magazines, shot by great photographers — that aren’t overly sexualized, And I think that “Blurred Lines” wasn’t overly sexualized, and that’s what made it interesting..

Q When you say you made it more interesting, did you have a say in the creative direction?. A I said no to it originally, and then I met with the director (Diane Martel), who ended up doing the tour for Miley Cyrus. I laid it out to her up front: “I’m not going to be naked and running around.” Then we had a really great conversation and hit it off as women and creative people, and I think that’s how the video happened. … I definitely think that no one expected me to have any ideas about it. When people asked me about it initially, I think they thought I’d be like, “It was just really fun and exciting.” I was like, “No, actually, here’s what I think about sexuality and empowerment and the way we look at nudity in our country, and this is what bothers me, and here’s a great opportunity, thanks for asking.”.

Q Do you mind that you’re still so closely associated with the music video?, A It’s a weird thing, Rick Springfield wrote “Jessie’s Girl,” and he probably gets sick of talking about “Jessie’s Girl.” The thing is, I didn’t write “Blurred personalised girls drawstring bag, linen,dancer, ballet, dancing shoes, daughter, teacher, god-daughter, niece, sister gift Lines.” I didn’t direct the music video, I’m really happy for the success, but it is kind of a funny thing to follow me around, Q How did you start modeling?, A When I was 14, I had an acting teacher who was like, “She should think about modeling.” And my mom was like, ‘No, absolutely not, She’s too young, and I’m not going to put my daughter into an industry like that.’ At first, when someone approached me to say I should get head shots, I started crying in the car, because I thought they meant a needle to the head, I definitely didn’t understand it, I was too young..

Q Was it hard to be judged physically while you were going through puberty?. A I’ve always been full-figured, in a not-boyish way. So I remember them measuring my hips and being like, “What? I’ve never even thought about this part of my body before.” … I developed very young, so I was more conscious of sexuality and being a pretty girl-woman. Having men look at you and really having no idea what sex is is a very strange experience. Q How did studio executives treat you when they learned you wanted to move from modeling to acting?.

A personalised girls drawstring bag, linen,dancer, ballet, dancing shoes, daughter, teacher, god-daughter, niece, sister gift Hollywood is a boys club, and that’s something I thought was a stereotype — and it’s not, That really shocked me, still shocks me, Everyone’s helping their buddies out and pressing their buddies and playing tennis with their buddies and making movies with their buddies, and that grosses me out, I know that sometimes I get in a room because someone has said, “I have this model — she was in the ‘Blurred Lines’ video, Oh, and ‘Gone Girl’! So she’s also a good actress.” I’m sure that’s there..

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