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Boales, her daughter, Cooley and synchro enthusiasts worldwide have since launched a movement that–if all goes according to plan–will see synchronized swimming being added for the first time to the Paralympic Games. The road to this inclusion will be a long one, and will see Boales and her colleagues meeting with the leaders of many nations. Their journey began in 2014, when the board of directors of the newly minted nonprofit Synchronized Swimming–Adults With Disabilities traveled to Taiwan to speak at a three-day symposium. In attendance were representatives from Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Israel, the U.S. and the host country, including Taiwan’s governor and mayor. All enthusiastically discussed the merits of expanding the Paralympics to include synchro.

From that event have come invitations to visit all of the participating countries, According to USOC rules, the guarantee of participation from five federations and 20 countries is required to add a new sport to the Paralympic schedule, So next on tap, Cooley will join Boales in a swing through Spain this December, with pink ballet shoes and white music notes on grey. tutus and toe shoes by blank quilting 9293 - fabric by the yard stops in Italy, Portugal and the U.K, scheduled as well, Depending on financing, presentations next year in Japan and Russia are also being discussed, Which is where the Bay Area Aqua Legs come in..

Though Cooley doesn’t miss the Vegas life, she’s remained active in the entertainment industry, swimming through commercials for Mountain Dew and American Apparel, and synchro doubling for the stars of the 2007-2009 TV series, “Pushing Daisies.” She recently returned to Hollywood for a nine-hour shoot as the swim double for 28-year-old actress Blake Lively; her scenes will appear in next year’s “I Can See You Now,” the latest feature from “Monster’s Ball,” “Finding Neverland” and “World War Z” director Mark Forster.

“I’ve always been a performer, pink ballet shoes and white music notes on grey. tutus and toe shoes by blank quilting 9293 - fabric by the yard and I’ve been very lucky to meet the right person at the right time,” Cooley says, “Since I’ve retired I’ve had parents emailing me all the time, asking when I’m going to start a new synchro team, So I finally thought ‘OK, I’ll do that … but this one’s going to be for fun only; no competitions.”, With that goal in mind Cooley’s just introduced the Bay Area Aqua Legs, a performance troupe that combines synchro, dance and some decidedly showgirly moves (and footwear), Cooley herself swims with the ensemble, which also includes her daughter, Boales and a number of Angelfish alumni, She hopes the group will be hired for corporate events, birthday parties and other poolside get-togethers, “We’re doing this for the love of synchronized swimming, and especially for charity, All of the money we make will go to SS-AWD … so this all ties in.”..

The SS-AWD organization’s application date for the Paralympic Games will be in the summer of 2018. With a requisite six-year waiting period to follow, the earliest that synchro might be included on the schedule is 2024. That gives Cooley and company roughly nine years to fundraise and prepare their team for the competition. “I don’t care if I have to eat beans every night if it means we can put another girl on a plane for another destination,” declares Boales. “It’s amazing what synchro can do for everyone. We’ll continue creating these opportunities as long as we can.”.

Nick Lazzarini, a South Bay native and Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” pink ballet shoes and white music notes on grey. tutus and toe shoes by blank quilting 9293 - fabric by the yard season one winner, will perform in the one-night-only Cupertino show, Shaping Sound is the brainchild of Lazzarini, as well as Travis Wall, resident choreographer for the Fox dance competition; Teddy Forance, another alum of the show; and Kyle Robinson of the musical comedy “Glee.”, The four set out to create a diverse troupe of dancers, who Lazzarini calls visual musicians, and hit the road in 2012..

“If it’s a long, strung-out violin [solo], you need to show that visually,” the 31-year-old said. “You want to make sure you match that movement.”. Whether it’s jerky, side-to-side movements made as Queen hits the thunder bolt and lightening apex of “Bohemian Rhapsody” or a slinky motion to an R&B song, the group uses elements of hip-hop, jazz and contemporary choreography to create a physical narrative for the audience. Lazzarini, who got his start at Sunnyvale’s Dance Attack, said, “What makes our movement and dance special is that it’s a perfect marriage between what you’re seeing and what you’re hearing.”.

Two men pine for her and blame themselves for her death: Albrecht, the betrothed Duke of Silesia who had concealed that he was to be married, pink ballet shoes and white music notes on grey. tutus and toe shoes by blank quilting 9293 - fabric by the yard and Hilarion, a gamekeeper whose love for Giselle drove him to reveal his rival’s secret, As both mourn her untimely demise, magical beings resurrect Giselle and try to make both men dance to their deaths, The witches, or Wilis as they were known in the French premiere in1841, summon the girl from the grave to exact revenge on the men, But the girl’s love for Albrecht proves more powerful than the spells of the supernatural beings..

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