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First, there's the brand name: "Oomphies"! Second, they're an actual human woman's size. And last, though they're technically slippers (due to the awesome padded satin insole) these flats are not only sturdy enough to wear as street shoes, but also ultra fashionable in a retro-modern Kate Spade way. Two for the price of one! (You may never slip out of them...)Flat slippers with gently pointed toe and satin trim; generously padded satin-covered insole (for oomph! Thus the brand name). Leather sole and plastic stack heel make them durable enough for outdoor wear.material: cotton velveteen, poly satin, leather, hard plasticnoteworthy: spot clean and brush with suede brushrepairs: nonecondition: excellent with lightly scuffed soles; interiors appear untouched and heel taps are brand newmeasurements:length: 10 3/8” from toe to heel, measured along insolewidth: 3 1/16”, measured along widest part of soleheel: ½” label: Oomphies (made in USA)size: size 10 AA

Was it rape? About a third of the students think so. Was it something less? Two others raise their hands. Most aren’t sure, prompting more questions: Did the girl invite intercourse by dressing provocatively? Did she try hard enough to stop it? What should the boy have done, to make sure she was willing?. “Whose fault is this?” Balido asks, eliciting several loud “David’s” and a smattering of quieter “Both.”. “It’s kind of both their faults that maybe Michelle should have gotten to know him better or tried to act in self-defense,” says Nathan Zamecki, 14.

Audrey Crook, also 14, says the absence of struggle should not absolve David or implicate Michelle in the slightest, “She didn’t know what to do, she just froze, and it’s not like, ‘Now it’s OK,” Audrey says, “It isn’t her fault she didn’t keep saying no… He forced himself on her.”, Balido steps in to settle the question, making it clear that this was rape under California’s new law, “Sexual assault or rape is the choice that the perpetrator makes, and it is never the victim’s fault,” the blue + green velvet and satin ballet flats, vintage 60s padded slippers slides, size 10 teacher says..

Here’s what affirmative consent sounds like, he continues: “Maybe” means “no.” “OK,” “sure,” and “fine” also mean “no.” Anything short of an enthusiastic “yes” means “no,” he says. “If I’m not sure my potential partner is playing hard to get, what can I do? Ask, right?” he says. “I can ask them.”. ——. Kerr reported from Washington. Associated Press Writers Collin Binkley in Boston and Carolyn Thompson in Buffalo, New York, contributed to this story.

The schedule for the free admission event is, * 9 a.m., Ice sculpture demonstration, * 10 a.m, to 4 p.m., Vendor booths, * 10 a.m, to 4 p.m., Play in the snow, * 10 a.m, to 3:30 p.m., Photos with Santa, * 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., Children’s parade, * 5:45 p.m., City tree lighting, * 5:50 to 6 p.m., Special effects light extravaganza, * Carnival and musical entertainment throughout the day at the Courthouse Square stage on Broadway, * 6:15 p.m., Caltrain Holiday Train decorated with 60,000 lights will arrive at Sequoia Station, Bring blue + green velvet and satin ballet flats, vintage 60s padded slippers slides, size 10 a new, unwrapped toy for children who might not receive a gift during the holidays to the Holiday Train or donate to keep the Holiday Train alive at

Redwood City Cultural Commission, Uccelli Foundation, United American Bank, Redwood City Mayor Jeff Gee, Councilwoman Diane and Dr. Steven Howard, The Kastrop Group, Redwood City Downtown Business Group, City of Redwood City, David Amann of Edward Jones Investment, Erin Ashford Photography, Caltrain Holiday Train, San Mateo County History Museum, Spectrum Magazine, Labadie Products, Metro Mobile Communications, Recology, Arguello Catering, and Crystal Springs Catering are sponsors of the festival.

To sponsor or donate or for updates and more details, call Regina at 650-455-5144, email or go to, In conjunction with the Hometown Holidays event on Dec, 5, the San Mateo County History Museum will present “Family Past Times,” a special free holiday program, blue + green velvet and satin ballet flats, vintage 60s padded slippers slides, size 10 from 10 a.m, to 4 p.m, at the museum, 2200 Broadway, in Redwood City, Children will have an opportunity to create “Tree Treasures,” which will include, * Gingerbread ornaments painted by hand..

* Cornicopias to fill with sweet treats. * Dresdens glittering silver and gold. * Victorian fans decorated with old-time images. * Gegaws to glitter on the trees. * “Candles” to light up on the tree. Santa will be available throughout the day at the Museum and children can have their pictures taken with him. A concert by the San Francisco State University Handbell Choir will also be held at 1 p.m. in Courtroom A. For more details, call 650-299-0104 or go to The nonprofit foundation was founded by Jesus Pena and Patricia Watson on behalf of their daughter, Juliana Pena, a brave 33-month-old South San Francisco resident who lost her courageous battle with neuroblastoma in February 2012.

Neuroblastoma, the most common tumor found in children younger than 1 year of age, has the highest mortality rate of all pediatric cancers, In the United States, about blue + green velvet and satin ballet flats, vintage 60s padded slippers slides, size 10 700 children are diagnosed with the cancer each year and every 16 hours a child with neuroblastoma dies as there is no known cure, Juliana’s parents hope to change that outcome by increasing the public’s awareness of neuroblastoma and raising funds for research, trials, treatment, and eventually a cure for the deadline disease..

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